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Basic Steps to Achieving an Acne Free Skin

Whether you are blessed with clear skin or constantly battling with acne, oil or redness, a proper skincare routine is necessary to ensure your face remains flawlessly beautiful. Facial skin should be cleaned every morning and evening, as well as any time your face becomes dirty or sweaty. Although you may choose to use additional skincare products, the three main products are a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Once you understand how to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize your facial skin, the routine should take you only a few minutes per day.

Colour Blocking, the New Trend

By: Staff Writer

Knowledge of colours and their combination is a very important factor when it comes to fashion. The right colour combination is what transforms a winter look to spring, spring to summer and so on. Also, every aspect of style revolves around colour. For example hair colour, makeup choices, fashion pieces, and more, all need to complement each other to achieve the desired result.

How A Shopping Break Can Redraw the Line Between Want and Need


Shopping is so entrenched in our culture that the lines between want and need have become blurred. In order to keep step with the ever-quickening turnover of trends, we enter into a never-ending chase for the next new thing. We need a skirt to complement our new season shoes or a top with must-have statement sleeves. We need it to feel current, adequate and accepted.

Getting an Acne Free Skin

Keeping your skin pimple-free can pose a Herculean task. Besides finding the right product combination and figuring out when and how to apply each item, you can get stressed about your skincare regimen as you are about your breakouts. Consider this your IT list for the most powerful acne-fighters out there while you get ready to show off your gorgeous filter-free skin.