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Built from the Scratch with just Determination and Resilience – The Faustina Sakyi Story

By Kembet Bolton

You have to have some connection or inheritance to make it in Africa’s business terrain is a saying that most young people will like to blame their lack of foresight or business acumen on. I have been privy to discussions where people argued passionately about one’s chances of success in Africa’s business terrain if not from a wealthy family.

The Thin Line between Hard Work and Smart Work

By Miracle Nwankwo

With the return to school policy picking up in some countries, one should expect parents, especially working mothers and women entrepreneurs who faced difficulties in parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic to be relieved. However, in contrary, more work is needed from both parents and teachers to help these little ones adjust to the new normal. For working mothers and women entrepreneurs, it is going to be a little tougher because while children are resuming back to school the corporate and business world is also in pursuit of overcoming the downturn posed at them by the unexpected pandemic.

The Role of Consistent Key Messaging in Getting Brand Communication To “Land” With Audiences

By Mimi Kalinda

“There’s a simple rule: You say it again, and you say it again, and you say it again, and you say it again, and you say it again, and then again and again and again and again, and about the time that you’re absolutely sick of saying it is about the time that your target audience has heard it for the first time.” — Frank Luntz.

The biggest gift a customer can give a brand

A referred brand is a preferred brand, and a preferred brand is a referred brand”. This quote by Bernard Clive underscores the importance of referrals as a means of gaining customers in a business.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business – you can’t get enough of them. With competition in business as fierce as it has become, and innovative ideas leading the launches of new businesses almost every day, it is as easy to get into business as it is to fail.

Do’s and Don’ts of Working from Home!

By Aditi Maheshwari

How prepared are you to take the world by storm with the outbreak of covid19? Well, whether you or your company accept it or not working from home is the new work culture we are heading towards. With the various health and safety measures which include social distancing, dished out on a daily basis to help save people from contracting the virus, work-life or simply put ‘physical corporate space’ are beginning to move their offices to the clouds if you know what I mean. While working from home is not new to a certain category of people, there are a certain class of people who lack the buzz in working from home and might also find this very challenging in the beginning. However, if handled with a positive attitude and balanced approach we can actually leverage the strength of working from home. To maintain a balance between your personal and professional life is easy if you keep certain points in mind. Sharing in this article are some dos and don’ts of working from home so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.