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Calmness in Chaos

With increasing stressors and anxiety disorders, therapists, doctors, and traditional healers have developed practical and more accessible strategies to help us manage. The Breathing exercise has been proven as an efficient method to help people relax and stay calm amid chaos and panic attacks. The numerous advantages of the breathing exercise can be observed to have long-term and short-term benefits ranging from an instant feeling of relief decreased heart rates and reduced blood pressure. Breathing exercises are proven to be the body’s built-in stress reliever as it entails a simple respiratory process that incorporates time and serenity as its ingredients.

She squared up with cancer

Story by Tshingowe Nomsa Edited and written by Kembet Bolton According to the World Health Organization, Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. World Cancer Day was made official at the first World Summit Against Cancer in 2000. The event took place in Paris and was attended by members of cancer organizations and prominent government leaders from around the world. A document titled the Charter of Paris Against Cancer featuring 10 articles was signed, outlining a global commitment to improving the facilitation and quality of life of cancer patients. Advancement and increased investment in researching, preventing, and treating cancer was also highlighted. Article X of this charter officially declared World Cancer Day to be observed on February 4. A cancer diagnosis often brings sadness, anger, confusion, and feelings of helplessness. These feelings make it important for the person with cancer to know that support and help are…