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Benefits of Swimming for Women

By Miracle Nwankwo

Leisure for mothers is more than a necessity because they need more time and unique ways to unwind and relax while dealing with hectic work and family schedules. It is also important for mothers to go for pleasurable and fun-filled leisure or relaxation activities that will help relieve them of stress and depression as they stay refreshed. One of these activities is swimming.

Creating Your Long Awaited Best Experience with ‘MANTI’

The food Manti is a type of dumpling popular in most Turkish cuisines, as well as in the cuisines of the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Chinese Muslims. Nowadays, manti are also consumed throughout Russia and other post-Soviet countries, as it has gained acceptance in these countries of the world. In the long list of the very tasty Turkish cuisines, Manti has a staple food and the highly satisfying dish that always brings almost all family members on one table. Most times Mantı tends to remind you of ravioli at first sight, but this traditional Turkish dish is completely unique in taste and texture. The size and shape of this unique dish may vary significantly depending on the geographical location.