Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence 2017


African Leadership Magazine, strategic partners to the Amazons Watch Magazine has dedicated this segment to showcase the AW Magazine’s Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence 2017.  These Distinguished Women are some of Africa’s outstanding Women in Business and finest icons who have truly excelled, not only in their professional lives and industries typically dominated by men; but as leaders and role models supporting other women to realize their dreams.

While many of these women come from different industries and walks of life, they share certain traits — a strong sense of self-worth, a success-driven work ethics and the extraordinary accomplishments to show for it; their commitment, vision and talents make them true leaders in their chosen fields.

In keeping faith with popular predictions that the Year 2017 is a “Year of the African Woman”, the amazing achievements of these amazons are being showcased and celebrated by the Amazons Watch Magazine to inspire young women and girls across the region to rise above the societal limitations and break “glass ceilings” to achieve their dreams and contribute to the development of the region.

Interestingly, in recent times, the story of the African woman is gradually and fascinatingly changing as a number of financial institutions, companies and individuals have stayed true in dedication and service to women in Africa, empowering them by increasing their access to financial services, improving their capacity to generate and control income and other key economic resources through training programmes

To this end, this showcase of the Amazons Watch Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence, is therefore the magazine’s Ovation to these outstanding Amazons who are making tremendous impacts and immense contributions to the development of the continent, inspiring tons of women, still limited by gender inequalities and social injustices; as well as to encourage duplicity and continuity in their noble efforts, in the year 2017

Here is Amazons Watch Magazine’s list of Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence in no particular order: