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Love the Woman, Love Her Sneakers

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The footwear known as sneakers has in recent times become an admirable trend for women if you ask me how it all began; I might be unable to narrate its unique origin or invention especially amongst the women folks regardless of this, wearing of sneakers especially by ladies is definitely an admirable trend in the fashion industry. Despite the complicated nature of fashion and style in our today’s world, one factor still remains constant when it comes to selecting a style; which is “comfort”.  The good news about this footwear called sneakers is the comfort, while the bad news is if you are used to wearing heels, then this “work-out wardrobe” might be hard to pull on.

Examining the popularity of the use of the sneakers especially amongst women one can deduce that        “the humble sneaker” has undoubtedly become the biggest footwear trend of the year and has kicked off a total fashion revolution. Spotted on the feet of everyone, from models and celebrities to bloggers and designers, sneakers have become more popular than they have been in years. It is even more astonishing the way the sneakers have pulled its way through to the forefront of the fashion industry as one of the unforgettable pioneers of a unique fashion trend.

The woman’s style of putting on sneakers as footwear continually stands out as an admirable fashion piece, even dress with sneakers are considered to be a womanly daily style, as well as business and evening styles, which is depends on a concrete model.

Nevertheless, many women still find it quite tasking as well as highly frustrating to spot out very comfortable sneakers. You’re on a long Sunday stroll or hiking with friends on the weekend when your “dogs start barking.” It may be an aching pain in the soles of your feet, toe cramps or a shooting pain through your arch or heel, whatever the discomfort, your walking shoes may be to blame.

Although, shopping for new, comfortable sneakers for walking can be tricky nevertheless here are helpful tips to find a comfortable snicker.

What to look for in walking sneakers:

First of all, the time of day you do your shopping is important. Dr Miguel Cunha, podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare in NYC, says that you should always buy your shoes in the evening when your feet are most swollen. “If the shoe feels comfortable at the end of the day, they will most likely feel comfortable throughout the day.”

Secondly, you must examine your old pair. Dr Olga Shvets, a podiatrist in New York City, recommends looking at your current sneaker for clues as to the right fitting shoe. She says that looking at the soles of a well-worn pair of sneakers to see where the sole is worn out will suggest where you are making most of your impact.

In addition, you must find the right design. Dr Cunha says to look for a shoe designed with smooth, solid leather uppers that are not only highly durable but also flexible and comfortable.

Another thing to look out for is the flex point of a walking shoe, which is the point at which it bends while walking. For optimal comfort, the flex point of the shoe should match the bending point of your foot; when it does not align with your foot it can cause problems like arch pain or plantar fasciitis. You can check the flex point of the shoe by holding it by the heel and pressing the toe of the shoe onto the ground; The point where the shoe bends and creases is the flex point.

Re-think your shoe size. Cunha says that it is important to remember that sizing can be different across different brands, due to their design and the materials used. Also, keep in mind that the length and width of a person’s foot tend to change over time due to falling arches or because of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. The tip of your thumb should fit between the end of the shoe and the end of your longest toe. Make sure the toe box is wide to enough to accommodate your toes also, make sure there is enough room to slightly wiggle your toes. If you cannot move your toes at all then the shoes are too tight and will eventually become painful. Try at least three different shoe models and try two different models at the same time, wearing one model on each foot, to better compare.

Sneakers are one of the most beautiful and unique footwear for women, nevertheless, comfort and durability are paramount determinant factors that must not be neglected when purchasing the sneakers that will be loved by a woman.

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