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The Politics of Black Hair

By Tanya Maswaure

From the time a black girl has grown her hair long enough, it is the parent’s job to decide what to do to maintain her hair and keep it neat and unique. Thinking about my childhood, I recall my mother’s effort and attention to my hair. One common occurrence we relate to regardless of our continent, nationality or tribe was the ‘relaxer’. The smell of the chemicals mixing with your hair and the straightener on your hair is one I share with many other black girls in the world. Why do we put so much effort into making our hair straight? Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke about black hair extensively in her book Americanah but what about black hair that makes it so memorable. Why is something seemingly cosmetic and minuscule so political?

A look at our wardrobe after the lockdown

By Boma Benjy – Iwuoha Over the last six months, with the lockdown experienced in several countries, many have gone from regular nine to five daily job routines to remote work, virtual meeting and webinars, having little or no reason to dress up. And as things begin to return to normalcy, work schedules are not quite the same, as organizations have learnt to operate remotely and have little or no need for dress-up daily routines. In some cases, the corporate look has been replaced by smart casuals. Now, what happens to our beautiful wardrobe, and fashionable work clothes (the ones that still fit), shoes and newly acquired accessories? Do we innovate with what we have, or do we make a schedule to reminisce about our days of planned weekly wardrobes? I would say innovate. The French fashion designer and businesswoman, Coco Chanel once said; “Fashion is not something that exists…

Love the Woman, Love Her Sneakers

The footwear known as sneakers has in recent times become an admirable trend for women if you ask me how it all began; I might be unable to narrate its unique origin or invention especially amongst the women folks regardless of this, wearing of sneakers especially by ladies is definitely an admirable trend in the fashion industry. Despite the complicated nature of fashion and style in our today’s world, one factor still remains constant when it comes to selecting a style; which is “comfort”. The good news about this footwear called sneakers is the comfort, while the bad news is if you are used to wearing heels, then this “work-out wardrobe” might be hard to pull on.