Girl Talk


By Kembet Bolton No matter how great a parent you have been, at some point, your teenager will pull away from you and want to have more alone time or hang out with peers. While this can be heartbreaking for some parents who have sacrificed their best years to create this bond with their kids, it is a natural thing that is bound to happen and should not be taken too seriously. Needing space from parents is part of a process of self-realization for young people which help them determine who and how they’ll be as individuals and adults. In this stage, friends and peers become more important and parents seemingly less so. For parents, this can be a hard pill to swallow, but what we’ll find is that like so many parts of parenthood, this is not about us; but about our kids. As parents, we are prone to…

A few days ago, while sitting at my balcony and having a chat with Mrs. Clarie, I listened as she lamented bitterly of how her 16year-old daughter declined the opportunity to present the farewell speech on behalf of the entire graduating class. According to Mrs. Clarie, her daughter has declined several opportunities which could have brought her to the limelight due to her shy personality.

Having great friends to share your life with is a gift like no other, after all, friends are the family you choose.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, my 23-year-old neighbour ‘’Vicky’’ took her own life. We were later to discover she had posted a suicide note on a well-known social networking site where she had over six thousand followers. Her message had sounded like a desperate plea for attention. Although she had all those social network “friends” online, not one came to her aid. Vicky had locked herself up in the kitchen of her apartment and taken a bottle of sniper (a poisonous insecticide) mixed with an equal dose of morning fresh (a common dishwashing liquid). A suicide note was later to be found in ‘’Vicky’s room.

Taking just an hour tea break at Louis’ place left me wondering why a 10-year-old child who has formed a habit of spending quality time with her mum, narrating every single happening in her life now suddenly turns 14 and can barely let mum into her life issues. Everything to her now seems private at every single time, even when mum attempts to engage her young vibrant teenager in a discussion; it always ends up with the phrase “I may not be able to talk about it now, mum”. Ignoring an already existing absence of trust between a teenager and her mum can be highly detrimental to the family relationship since trust is an important part of any relationship. Trust in a relationship goes a long way to represent your belief in someone’s good sense, ability or honesty. As your child gets older and starts becoming more independent especially at…