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By Miracle Nwankwo

Divorce and domestic violence may not be the only parental issue that has side effects on children, as there are other issues that leave a lasting negative impact on a child which most parents are unaware of. One of these issues is the situation of children not getting answers to their question or being shut down by a parent when they ask too many questions. At the early stage of a child’s life, usually between the age of four to six, all children, girls and boys alike seem to catch the curiosity bug, which tends to tons of logical and illogical questions been showered on their parents at any given opportunity. However, parents should not be weary or be pushed to ignore or shun them because that episode has a lot to do in their lives.

Coping in a step family setting…

Kembet Bolton

Most parents will agree that one of the most difficult parts of parenting is knowing how to apply age-appropriate discipline to their kids. A part from the Christian holy book states that” no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful”. This underscores the fact that most humans, be it kids or adults, will resent discipline at the time it is being meted out.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upturned family life around the world. The fact that schools and businesses were forced to shut down to flatten the curve of the virus spread has forced parents who also have to work remotely for this same reason to be locked down with their kids who would otherwise be in school at this time. This sudden disruption to our daily routine is a lot to navigate for anyone, but especially for parents who now have to work from home with the distractions engendered from having the kids around while trying to get serious work done.

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As the summer breaks rush in, there is a tendency for mothers to have butterflies in their stomach. This is true considering how much summer provide the kids and their mom with a break from the school routine of homework, class projects, fundraisers and school lunches. Nevertheless, this does not remove the summer stress that also tags along.