Heroine of the Week


Ecopreneur Leadership with Lorna Rutto

Kenyan ecopreneur Lorna Rutto is the inspired leader of EcoPost, a social organization established in response to the urgent need for alternatives to traditional trash management methods, given Kenya’s massive plastic waste problem. She launched her business in 2009, which gathers plastic garbage and produces fence posts that are economically feasible, incredibly robust, and crucially ecologically beneficial. These posts are extensively utilized in Kenya. Lorna was chosen as the sub-Saharan Africa laureate for the renowned Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in 2011.

Ms Caroline Eboumbou: Heroine of the Week

As a Director working out of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Africa Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya, Caroline Eboumbou joined the organization in 2018. Through the Foundation’s Power projects in Africa, Mrs. Eboumbou’s position focuses on generating significant effect and mobilizing funding for expanding access to energy internationally. Ms. Eboumbou is in charge of a creative portfolio of grants and investments aimed at maximizing the potential while advancing more efficient integrated electrification planning and investment across key markets, as over 600 million Africans are not currently covered by traditional grid infrastructure.

Lubna Olayan: The Cutting-Edge Saudi Businesswoman

Well known as the First woman to head a Saudi bank, Lubna Olayan is our heroine of the week. The Saudi businesswoman retired in 2019 but continues to make a massive impact for all Middle-east women and all businesswomen worldwide. Her involvement in finance and business has seen her receive worldwide recognition and notable awards from some of the most popular world ranking systems. Lubna Suliman Olayan is a member of the wealthiest family in the Middle East and CEO of Olayan Financing. Born in 1955 to the Olayan family in the city of Unaizah in the Qassim region in northern Saudi Arabia, Lubna obtained her BA in Agriculture from Cornell University in the United States of America. She also holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Indiana. Due to her family’s wealth and knowledge, she was raised to be a leader. Olayan started working in the Olayan Group…