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Uncle Waffles from Social Media to the World

Women worldwide continue to change world views by going the extra mile and surpassing the limits society may have set for them while leading the way in most male-monopolized industries- in politics, business, and even in day-to-day life, they continue to inspire us. In this article, we are spotlighting a new rising star, Lungelihle Zwane, whose story started excitingly, but the journey has not always been so smooth. Today she is evidence that women can create ripples in the music industry no matter how and when they rise to fame.

“Make God your first, and everything will fall in place”, Shylette

Every day there are thousands of individuals making a difference in their communities, and in the spirit of Amazons Watch Magazine, we enjoy shining the spotlight on the inspirational and impactful work of women in the grassroots that mostly go unnoticed. Each story has a unique stamp, effect and outcome. Shylette’s drive is one that will definitely leave a lasting memory which is why it was an honour to speak to her about her personal work and history.