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Bank Marketer by Day, Expressionist Artist by Night

By Tanya Maswaure “It won’t be worth it until you invest something into it”, Nyasha Chidavaenzi Choga stated in an exclusive interview with Amazons Watch Magazine. Nyasha has persevered in her corporate work, graduating from the University of Cape Town, University of Natal and leading Corporate affairs in one of the largest banks in her country; she has sold artwork that has crossed the shores of Africa. Nyasha has found success in her passion, and this is how she did it. “If you asked me at the age of 8 what I wanted to be, I would say artist. No two ways about it!” Nyasha explained. She shared that from a young age, she knew what she wanted to do and all through high school, she worked well towards it. Nyasha remained determined on that path working towards O levels and A levels in art. Being an African daughter from…

Hope Masike: Shaking the world of African Literature

By Tanya Maswaure

Hope Masike, a Zimbabwean musician, poet, and writer, showed up to the cultural stage, stirring the peace and creating an exciting buzz. Prior to Valentine’s day of this year, she is launching her very first Shona anthology called Dzevabvazera. And just as the name suggests in Shona, the book is not for the young, but it is specifically for individuals who have come of age. In our conversation with her, she broke down her journey to writing this trailblazing piece of literature and how, as controversial as it may seem, she is only trying to reignite the culture and heritage of Shona speakers around the world.

Artwork in Braamfontein Honouring Women of Joburg

By Aditi Maheshwari

Liberty Du, popularly known as Faith XLVII (read as Faith 47) a South African interdisciplinary artist, recently completed the final installment of her iconic Mural Trilogy. Mural Trilogy has been seven years in the making to pay tribute to South African game-changers like Nelson Mandela, Yvonne Chaka Chakaand. Faith takes this golden opportunity to honour the women of Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city and capital of Gauteng province.

Ten Exceptional Female Photographers Taking Center Stage in Africa

By Miracle Nwankwo

According to Matador Network, the black continent is a complex, dynamic, and ever-changing region, yet so often tourists and travellers manage to sum it up with very few similar photos that do no justice to the beauty of the continent. With the portraits of Africa on National Geographic, foreigners have been able to create a picture in their minds of what Africa looks like without visiting the continent, yet, “even a publication like that only has seen a slice of what this place has, is, and offers.”

Magda Mostafa – Harnessing the Power of Creativity as a Problem-solving tool

If you are attentive to the daily life happenings in society, you will likely observe that people are always left in awe and amazement whenever a person puts to work their human creative skills and imagination. No doubt, humans possess limitless creative potentials, which when sufficiently harnessed can proffer solution to the day to day issues they encounter. On the other hand, life problems will continue to linger until the solutions to life issues become clearer to the younger generation.