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Deputy UN Chief Calls for Increase in Women’s Political Participation in Somalia

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J Mohammed has expressed her solidarity with Somali women for full and equal participation in politics and extended the support of the international community for timely, inclusive, peaceful and credible elections during her recent visit to Somalia. The country, geographically positioned in the horn of Africa, is currently in the middle of its parliamentary elections and is waiting for polls to elect members of its lower house. Notably, the UN and other international organisations have called for “advanced elections” and greater representation of women in the Somali Parliament.

Dr Nath – A Determined Visionary in the Frontline of Sustainable Investments to Africa

By Hilaire Akollo

When I bumped into Dr Nathalie Beatrice Chinje-N Bodiong (fondly known as Dr Nath) in Cape Town a bit more than 20 years ago, I did not know that I was making a date with destiny. She was a Brand Manager at Woolworths – South Africa’s premium food and non-food retail chain listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Since then, I have been witnessing closely and from afar, the rise and growth of a determined, principled, loyal, passionate and driven woman who is obsessed with Excellence in the areas of private sector development, women and youth entrepreneurship, intra-Africa trade and skills development in Africa.