Amazons Watch Magazine


By Miracle Nwankwo

“If someone as privileged as me is worried about managing her periods during the lockdown, you can only imagine how tough it is for women in containment zones with no new income.”

On hearing the announcement on the governments’ decision to instigate the lockdown policy early this year, we all ran into panic buying, but a few persons rather swung into a panic over the poor and less privilege. We cannot imagine the kind of pain and lack these set of people must be facing especially the women and girls who have to deal with stereotyped issues like menstrual hygiene.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everyone, but some are more likely to have a drastic impact than others. Recent data from UNFPA show that the economic and physical disruption, engendered by the disease, have a more catastrophic impact on women and girls around the world with evidence of an increase in violence against women and girls, the world over.

In the last week, the Nigerian social media space has been filled with a hashtag #JusticeforUwa. Calling for Justice for 22-year-old Vera Uwa Omozuwa, who met her cruel and untimely death in the hands of all women’s common enemy ‘’RAPISTS’. Until her death, Uwa was a 100 Level student of Microbiology. She was raped and brutally murdered by assailants in a church building where she went to study, perhaps for the serenity as places of worship have generally been unused in the past few months.