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Five Exercises That Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Exercising during pregnancy can be helpful for a woman’s mental and physical health, and it can as well provide the newborn with a healthier beginning. Frequent exercise during pregnancy can enhance your posture and lessen some common distress such as backaches and fatigue. There are proven facts that physical activity may curb gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), alleviate stress, and generate more strength needed for labour and delivery.

Trying to Drop Those Pandemic Pounds?

By Aditi Maheshwari Women have a formidable list of activities simply because of being a woman. Being tired is surmised to be a weakness. Success however should not be confined to result specific but on the contrary, it should be a reflection of the best choices made. The will to stand up for oneself and others is not easy and requires immense courage to be executed but women’s legacy is of comfortably handling the discomforts. Sharing in this article what can be the best choices to stay fit for a woman, no matter whether you work from home or office. Eat a good breakfast and depend on healthy snacks to avoid lifestyle diseases. Stay hydrated by drinking a sufficient amount of water. Since desk jobs are not generally manually intensive and more sedentary in nature, it leads to back-breaking, muscle tension and strain, neck pains are quite common and such…

Four Weeks Away from Your Dream Body

By Kembet Bolton It has been a while since I holidayed with my immediate family. So, when I had the opportunity during the last Christmas break, I couldn’t help but relax and enjoy all the delicacies that could only come from a chef mum’s kitchen. When I returned to my work station two weeks later and discovered all my work dresses were now very tight on me, it dawned on me that something had to give for all that enjoyment. I normally am a very active person physically. In the past ten years, I have sign up for different gym membership, dance classes and a whole lot of other fitness activities to make sure I stay in good shape physically. But in the past few months, my schedule changed dramatically. I moved to a part of town where the closest gym was almost two hours drive away, the road was…