A few days ago, while sitting at my balcony and having a chat with Mrs. Clarie, I listened as she lamented bitterly of how her 16year-old daughter declined the opportunity to present the farewell speech on behalf of the entire graduating class. According to Mrs. Clarie, her daughter has declined several opportunities which could have brought her to the limelight due to her shy personality.

The British government has launched an £8.9-million programme to help businesses in the Southern African Customs Union, plus Mozambique (SACU+M), to enter and grow their export markets. Known as Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA), the initiative is part of the UK Prosperity Fund Global Trade Programme and is especially intended to support women-owned and women-dominated businesses.

By Boma Benjy – Iwuoha Over the last six months, with the lockdown experienced in several countries, many have gone from regular nine to five daily job routines to remote work, virtual meeting and webinars, having little or no reason to dress up. And as things begin to return to normalcy, work schedules are not quite the same, as organizations have learnt to operate remotely and have little or no need for dress-up daily routines. In some cases, the corporate look has been replaced by smart casuals. Now, what happens to our beautiful wardrobe, and fashionable work clothes (the ones that still fit), shoes and newly acquired accessories? Do we innovate with what we have, or do we make a schedule to reminisce about our days of planned weekly wardrobes? I would say innovate. The French fashion designer and businesswoman, Coco Chanel once said; “Fashion is not something that exists…

In August, Penn State Extension (in the College of Agricultural Sciences) partnered with the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC), an organization focused on providing education and mentorship opportunities to young women in five African nations. Global Give Back Circle “leverage[s] the time and talent of women globally, through a Mentorship Program designed to help at-risk girls continue their education and embrace economic freedom,” according to their website.