Her Story


The Story of “the woman king”

A strong Narrative of Female Strength and Empowerment by Tanya Maswaure

The moment I watched the trailer, instant goose bumps spread over my body. I witnessed what may have been a typically male-dominated movie, starring black dark skinned women who stood and fought with confidence. The Woman King is one for the books, and the critics agree! Viola Davis leads a star-studded cast of black excellence and strong female leaders. Like an ancient historical female bodybuilder, the 56-year-old trained younger warriors in the movie. Her zest and fierceness instantly made her one of my favourite characters from the movie. Before the movie was released, the cast appeared on shows and tours, speaking extensively about their intense exercise routines that led to their chiselled and strong bodies. They trained like actual warriors, something that was often just explored amongst men. From behind the scenes to the moment they hit the screens, these actresses have created a beautiful narrative of female strength and empowerment.

We Choose to Challenge

When I first came across the theme of the international women’s day for 2021, I pondered about the word challenge and why it fits into the theme of a global day set aside to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. As I pondered over this, my mind went on a trip down memory lane and reflected on the challenges women have faced in the fight for gender parity. These thoughts stirred up a heart of humility and gratitude for the contributions and involvement of Amazons Watch Magazine in that fight in the past 6 years.

Overcoming Bulimia – My Story

I started my love-hate relationship with food at a very tender age. I was about eight or nine at most and was preparing to get into secondary school. I had always been bigger than my classmates –taller, fatter and bulky. The State primary education board did not make life any easier for me when they introduced a literature book called ‘’The Fat Woman’’ to be used in all elementary schools in the state back then. In one month my named had changed from that given at birth to the ‘’fat woman’’. The teachers whom I thought would come to my rescue did not even help matters as they resorted to calling me that at the slightest provocation from me, as the school had recently placed a sanction on teachers who punished their pupils by flogging. My only safe haven was home, maybe because my siblings were equally fat. I didn’t…

“Creating A Shared Vision Between Men and Women Can Be an Agent for Transformation” – Dr Tinaye

With the various drives going on in Africa to reduce the number of people infected and living with HIV/AIDS, the Consortium of Leadership & Gender Experts (CLGE] has been set up to bridge the gender discriminations that exists on the continent. In an exclusive interview with Amazons Watch Magazine, Dr Tinaye tells us more about the future of Africa and what the plans for PLWHA are on the continent. Excerpts: Our findings reveal that you have put in over twenty years in the academia and social development in the areas of education, health – HIV/AIDS, & gender. Kindly tell about yourself and your career in these fields. I am, first and foremost a nurse, at heart and by training but, I was never a clinical nurse! I went in as a Clinical Instructor/Student Fellow upon nursing training completion. After working for just over a year I went for further studies…

When We Stand Up for Our Rights, We Stand for The Rights of Other Women

A gender equal society with a framework in which both sexes have access to equal opportunities is one that every woman looks forward to. In this exclusive interview with Amazons Watch Magazine, the General Manager of Central Bank of Ecuador, Ms. Veronica Artola Jarrin, discusses the progress made in promoting gender equality in her country over the years and more. Excerpts: More than half of Ecuador’s population is made up of women. How would you rate the participation of women in socio-economic and political activities? In recent years the gender equity has faced important improvements; however, it has a lengthy path ahead. The gap in gender equity has been bridging during the last 20 years, in Ecuador there are several examples that show the improvement in this topic. María Alejandra Vicuña is the second women in being nominated as Vice President of the Republic during Ecuador´s political history. Several local…