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AWBEN Launches New Initiative to Celebrate Women in Energy

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The African Women Business Energy Network has revealed plans to inaugurate a new program to celebrate women in the energy sector and equip them for a progressive future to continue supporting femininity.

While making up 39% of the worldwide labour force, women only make up 22% of the traditional energy sector, according to the International Energy Agency. The figures are even lower at management levels. Furthermore, the obstacles women encounter in the energy sector are the same as those women encounter elsewhere in the economy. The energy sector is undergoing a revolution; therefore, the difficulties are more urgent now. Adopting clean energy transitions will demand creative solutions, business models, and increasing involvement from a varied talent pool.

NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, said;

“We need to empower more African women to benefit from the oil and gas industry, whether we’re discussing opportunities for boots on the ground at drill sites, professional positions, leadership roles or business opportunities for women-owned enterprises”.

AWBEN’s key initiatives include inciting collaboration among African women in the energy industry, hosting mentorship programs and empowering women to take ownership of their personal and professional development, offering coaching and sponsorship opportunities for girls in STEM, creating avenues to encourage more African women participation and leadership roles in the energy industry and leveraging digital technology to enhance participation which coincides with this year’s International Women’s Day theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.

Speaking on STEM and feminity, Grace Orife, Advisory Board member of the African Energy Chamber and CEO of Adelaar Energy, said, “STEM is a major investment to level the playing field for women in the energy industry. The choices imposed upon girls in schools shape their ambitions as adults. Right from the education curriculum, we must be intentional with how girls are trained. They shouldn’t be subjected to limitations because of their gender. Whether STEM-related or otherwise, women should be given access to learning as much as their male counterparts – that way, they’ll have equal chances in their careers.”.

As the energy industry expands, so is the need for more women’s inclusion in it. The African Women Business Energy Network (AWBEN) is a platform created to advocate for women towards career advancement in the energy industry by connecting them and women-owned businesses in the African region to highly competitive market opportunities and multinational buyers. This initiative sees the development of women in the energy industry as imperative.

The Energy Chamber is a signatory of the Equal by 30 Campaign and is dedicated to efforts promoting gender equality as well as giving women useful support so they can increase their presence in the workforce and take advantage of the socioeconomic advantages of the sector. We will maintain our dedication to African women working in the energy sector and provide a dedicated venue for support through the African Women Business Energy Network.

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