By Miracle Nwankwo

One of the solutions proffered by experts to solve problems in interior design is the concept of negative space. This concept permeates all aspects of art and design, whether in painting, architecture or interior decorating. Negative space can also be likened to some natural modalities that create an absence to make a profound impression, e.g the hole in a doughnut, the interval between lightning and thunder, an eloquent pause in a conversation, the official work leave you to take to refresh and restart.

By Miracle Nwankwo

Divorce and domestic violence may not be the only parental issue that has side effects on children, as there are other issues that leave a lasting negative impact on a child which most parents are unaware of. One of these issues is the situation of children not getting answers to their question or being shut down by a parent when they ask too many questions. At the early stage of a child’s life, usually between the age of four to six, all children, girls and boys alike seem to catch the curiosity bug, which tends to tons of logical and illogical questions been showered on their parents at any given opportunity. However, parents should not be weary or be pushed to ignore or shun them because that episode has a lot to do in their lives.