Fathers Should Take their Daughters’ Hands and Walk them to School – Afghanistan Professor.

Afghanistan professor Ismail Mashal has campaigned on girls’ child education, calling on men to stand up for women, especially the girl child. Professor Mashal, who runs a private university in Kabul, says he has had enough of the restrictions women face in Afghanistan. Slender and well-dressed, he is a mixture of defiance and raw emotion. “Even if they’re not allowed in – they should do this daily. It’s the least they can do to prove they are men,” he tells me, holding back tears. “This is not me being emotional – this is pain. Men must stand up and defend the rights of Afghan women and girls.” In December, the Taliban government announced female university students would no longer be allowed back – until further notice. They said they were doing this to enable them to create an Islamic learning environment aligned with Sharia law practices, including changes to the…

Liberian First Lady Donates 30-Seater Bus to Lessen Transportation Burden for TWM

In response to a request from the female staff members of the Ministry of Transport, Clar Marie Weah, the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia, donated a 30-seater bus to the ministry. A recent brief ceremony at the Transport Ministry Headquarters on Warren and Carey Streets in Central Monrovia saw the delivery of the white bus. In a statement released to the press, Mrs Weah disclosed that the gesture fulfilled her commitment to addressing the plight of the Transport Ministry women as they had passionately appealed during an engagement months ago. “During our discussions, the First Lady recalled that you asked for a bus for you to enable you to get to and from work, which would ease the financial burden on you,” First Lady recalled. “In fulfilment of your request and my promise to you, and in memory of Assistant Minister Nuwoe A. D. Scott, I present to…