Elvie Breast Pump: Relieving the Burden of Breastfeeding

The period of breastfeeding for a mother is not just a moment of bonding for her and her baby. It is also a time to create lasting memories. According to World Health Organization, breastmilk is the perfect food for a newborn. They recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, then up to two years and beyond while introducing additional foods. Though, due to many factors, such as a mother combining work and nursing her baby, getting breast milk readily available may be challenging. However, with Elvie’s breast pump invention, breast milk pumping has been made a whole lot easier.

5 Perfect Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Having to Yell

By Goodnews Buekor

“No, Jake, you will have to visit your cousin tomorrow. Right now, it’s snowing, and it’s cold outside. Let’s do that tomorrow, okay?” I thought I had just finished talking to my 5-year-old boy for the fourth time. Here he is again, crying that he wants to see Derick, his cousin. I am cut in between yelling at him or just ignoring him.