Irish expert recently launched a new online antenatal course to help women across the world confidentially navigate a pregnancy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Researchers from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin developed the course to allow women to have access to evidence-based and trustworthy information.

By Aditi Maheshwari

Covid-19 has created uncertain scenarios that we as individuals and businesses are forced to change our practices to navigate this challenging period. The obvious questions coming up are – how do we enable business continuity during these times of turmoil. How will the future of travel be like, how do we increase engagement in virtual meetings, how do we creatively solve problems, how do we handle fear and stress due to COVID anxiety? How do we incorporate more work from home scenarios, how do we improve work efficiency to incorporate new time tables, the power of communication, the risk-bearing capacity in turbulent times, management crisis, the risks and rewards of investing in times of uncertainties, how do we operate in a safe and inclusive environment, etc. Instability is changing the consumer’s needs and purchasing patterns. To remain relevant and keep your business moving in this present time, it’s important to redesign and remodel so that you don’t remain behind while others are forging ahead. In this article, Amazons Watch outlines seven re-adjustment to make in this age and time.

By Miracle Nwankwo

“I’ve dedicated my life to empowering girls of colour to get into surfing and to find the peace that they need through the sport”

Imani Wilmot

We all make decisions at some point in our lives that could determine our future and that of other people. When the decisions we make affect the lives of other people positively, we contribute to the global sustainable development goals thus making the world a better place.