Natural Products for Black Natural Hair

By Tanya Maswaure

Last week we spoke extensively on the politics of black hair in all of its states, natural, relaxed or braided. Black hair has always been an important conversation amongst black communities internationally. It goes beyond cosmetics and looks, it is our heritage, and we are determined to keep it alive. With that in mind, for hundreds of years, women have maintained, grown and styled black hair in unique ways and with many different products. Presently if you are to walk into a pharmacy or drug store, there are rows of products specifically for black women. Unfortunately, as we discussed in the previous article, some of them promote straight hair and texture change. With the new natural hair awakening, many have literally turned to our roots. Black women are resorting to natural products, and we are here to discuss the best of them and how to use them.

4 Tourist Centers in Nigeria You Would Love to Visit

Nature is such a beautiful sight to behold. The serenity, freshness and calmness never ceases to amaze us, humans. Travelling for sure opens our minds to realizing how big the world is and how small we are, the humbling effect is another experience altogether. Travelling for vacations and touring parts of the world are two activities that a lot of people enjoy. The amazement that comes from seeing places for the first time, the vast green lands and vegetations, the waterfalls, the animals, the intercontinental dishes are all just thrilling experiences we should have at least once or twice in our lives and, Nigeria is not left out on having some of the world’s most remarkable tourists attractions. If you’re looking for a blend of adventure and serenity, don’t worry, we’ve compiled for you 4 tourist centres in Nigeria that are absolutely beautiful. These are sure to leave you with a lasting lifetime experience.

“Make God your first, and everything will fall in place”, Shylette

Every day there are thousands of individuals making a difference in their communities, and in the spirit of Amazons Watch Magazine, we enjoy shining the spotlight on the inspirational and impactful work of women in the grassroots that mostly go unnoticed. Each story has a unique stamp, effect and outcome. Shylette’s drive is one that will definitely leave a lasting memory which is why it was an honour to speak to her about her personal work and history.