The Liberia Chapter of the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN) distributed $5,850 to 18 female candidates contesting in the December 8, 2020, Senatorial Election. Each candidate received $325 to support their campaign activities. The funding was secured from kind donors who are supportive of the cause of women’s participation in the political arena.

A few days ago, while sitting at my balcony and having a chat with Mrs. Clarie, I listened as she lamented bitterly of how her 16year-old daughter declined the opportunity to present the farewell speech on behalf of the entire graduating class. According to Mrs. Clarie, her daughter has declined several opportunities which could have brought her to the limelight due to her shy personality.

The British government has launched an £8.9-million programme to help businesses in the Southern African Customs Union, plus Mozambique (SACU+M), to enter and grow their export markets. Known as Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA), the initiative is part of the UK Prosperity Fund Global Trade Programme and is especially intended to support women-owned and women-dominated businesses.