Water for Peace: Uniting the World in a Ripple of Hope and Sustainable Solutions

Every year, on March 22, the global community unites to commemorate World Water Day. This significant event shines a spotlight on the indispensable role that water plays in our lives, while also shedding light on the obstacles that hinder its accessibility. It serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about the vital importance of freshwater and advocate for sustainable water management practices. In 2024, World Water Day takes on a profound theme: “Water for Peace.” This theme underscores the urgent need for global cooperation in tackling the complex water challenges that transcend borders. It emphasizes the critical role that sustainable trans-boundary water resources management plays in fostering peace, stability, and harmony among nations. Water Transcends National Borders Water, unlike oil or land, does not respect national borders. It flows through multiple countries, whether it is a small watershed draining into a water basin or a large river basin draining…

LAOS: The hidden gem of Asia

By Tanya Maswaure

Laos: the land of acres of unexplored of a million elephants and ed land! The Hidden Gem of Asia As part of Amazons Watch Magazine’s commitment to our readers, we are always excited to discover and share with you, new resorts that feel like a home away from home. After all the hard work and impact you have made in this world, it is important that you catch a breath and relax. Therefore, we’ve put together the perfect places to unwind on your next vacation- all in one country: Laos!

Vodafone Ghana CEO Wins Women Leadership Excellence Award

Vodafone Ghana has seen its Chief Executive Officer, Patricia Obo-Nai, honoured with the Women Leadership Excellence Award at the Ghana CEO’s Network Summit which was recently held in Accra. The award was given in recognition of her remarkable contribution to the advancement and stability of the telecommunications industry in the country since she became the CEO of Vodafone Ghana 2 years ago.