Vodafone Ghana CEO Wins Women Leadership Excellence Award

Vodafone Ghana has seen its Chief Executive Officer, Patricia Obo-Nai, honoured with the Women Leadership Excellence Award at the Ghana CEO’s Network Summit which was recently held in Accra. The award was given in recognition of her remarkable contribution to the advancement and stability of the telecommunications industry in the country since she became the CEO of Vodafone Ghana 2 years ago.

Help!!! – Paying Attention to Teen Depression

Abigail was a boisterous girl growing up. She was always full of life and her absence even for a few hours could be felt in the entire house. As she grew into her teenage years, she became withdrawn, unkempt and preferred her company every time of the day. She will lock herself up in her room and cry for days for a justifiable reason. Her parents noticed there was a real issue when she started posting suicidal notes on her social media handles.