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CARBOHYDRATES – Too much is Bad, too little is not enough!

When getting your meal ready for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are always so excited to dish the food and sit down to enjoy a good meal. Maybe because of the excitement and thrill that comes with having a meal that tastes deliciously divine, or maybe some other factor, it does not change the fact that mealtime is usually a happy time for most people.

Why does Africa not have a Michelin Star –

By: Abigail Mbuzi

Guide Michelin, as they are known in French, are a series of guidebooks that have been published by the French tire company, Michelin, for more than a century. The guide is the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments. The acquisition or loss of a star can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant.