Popular Nigeria blogger philanthropist Linda Ikeji; British Council Award Finalist Timipre Wolo; Juliet Ehimuan, others Nominated for Woman of the Year Awards 2017

The Nigerian based Global Networking Platform – Her Network has finally revealed the Official Nominees for their Inaugural Woman of the Year Awards (HNWOTY). The big reveal was done recently via Instagram Live by a selection of notable women leaders from across diverse sectors in the country.

SureCall Doing Good with Every Call

SureCall is ‘doing good with every call’, says Desiree Bombenon, President, and CEO of the award winning global contact center. And it seems that they are, in a number of ways. SureCall a 24/7, 365 days a year telephone call center, answers phones and emails in a quick, efficient and professional manner. The center has recently positioned itself to assist charities at a reduced rate by offering their outsourced solutions to help with fundraising and database contact management. As an added value those charities are put on a list that is provided to SureCall’s full customer base, where their customer can then choose to donate 2% of their invoice a charity listed. The customer pays the same amount and the SureCall ‘GoodCall’ program, gives 2% of their earned revenue from that customer to that charity at the end of the year. This win/win is just one of the ways that…