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Eno Sam: Redefining Narratives While Building Impact, Influence and Income Through Writing

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Eno Sam is a Nigerian youth enthusiast, author, writing coach and consultant. Her journey to becoming a big brand in the writing industry in Nigeria is not without roadblocks and difficulties. Amidst these, Eno has been able to rise to remarkable heights.

Eno’s chat with Amazons Watch reveals a story of discovery, growth, consistency and impact.

Growing up as a young girl, Eno discovered she loved drawing and writing. She started writing at the age of 7. She wrote basically for fun at the time, with her mom always cheering her on.

During her university days, Eno completely left writing to focus more on her choice course (Accountancy), and she hoped to secure a good banking job after graduation.

Unfortunately, her hopes didn’t pull through. She spent all the stipend earned during her one year of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) on travelling to various states scouting for jobs, which all proved abortive.

Since it was not in her nature to stay dependent on those around her, she started home classes for kids in her environment.

She also began drawing again but stopped at some point as it was quite time consuming, and the reward was little.

So, to forget her worries, Miss Eno started writing again.

I ventured into writing for fun and basically to forget my worries, but people complimented my writings, and they kept asking me to show them how to write.”

With the support of her mom, who kept encouraging her to keep at it, she ventured full time into writing. This singular decision and act, have over the years, yielded remarkable outcomes.

“My mom would look at what I was writing and say, well done. She always told me that I would be a great writer in Africa. Her words of encouragement kept me going,” she narrated.

Today, Miss Eno has written seven paperback books and over ten e-books, and she plans to write more. She founded a community called Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writer’s Academy (BEWA), which is only three years old with over 44,000 members.

Through her community, she challenges writers to do better. The community is aimed at raising the World’s finest writers. She teaches writers that they are changing lives and redefining narratives beyond making money through writing.

My key message is letting writers know that apart from making money, writing is a way of life because, in writing, lives are changed. Writing helps to build impact, influence and income. She teaches that money naturally flows when you start focusing on making an impact.”

She also encourages writers to pay for knowledge as it helps them prevent mistakes and gives them an edge over others.

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is the information you don’t have” She says.

As a way of giving back to society, Eno organizes an annual scholarship event tagged “ENO SAM WRITING SCHOLARSHIP”, where she gives out cash prizes to the winners.

Eno admonished everyone who is talented to come out of their comfort zone and showcase what they have inside of them.

“Refine your talent and impact your world, don’t be the world’s best-kept secret.”

She also encouraged we should not quit on our dreams.

 “There is a place for rest, as rest is a strategy, but while you rest, do not quit. Ensure you come back stronger. When you feel like quitting, find a strong reason why you shouldn’t. Change your language from ‘I should’ to ‘I mustquitting is never an option” Eno tells us.

It is always exciting for us at the Amazons Watch to spot and share inspiring stories of women such as Eno Sam to motivate other women to also find their true passion, talents and purpose.

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