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Four Weeks Away from Your Dream Body

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By Kembet Bolton

It has been a while since I holidayed with my immediate family. So, when I had the opportunity during the last Christmas break, I couldn’t help but relax and enjoy all the delicacies that could only come from a chef mum’s kitchen. 

When I returned to my work station two weeks later and discovered all my work dresses were now very tight on me, it dawned on me that something had to give for all that enjoyment. 

I normally am a very active person physically. In the past ten years, I have sign up for different gym membership, dance classes and a whole lot of other fitness activities to make sure I stay in good shape physically. But in the past few months, my schedule changed dramatically. I moved to a part of town where the closest gym was almost two hours drive away, the road was rough and not safe for early morning runs and my secular work load increased, moving my closing time from 5pm to 7pm everyday besides weekends. 

My valid excuses made me ignore fitness for a while and the weight crept in stealthily. As I look at my new image in the mirror with dissatisfaction, I knew I had to do something about my weight. My heart suddenly went out to other women like me who could hardly find time to incorporate fitness into their very busy schedules. 

I decided to look up ways to help myself and other women in my shoe and came across this beautiful fitness challenge that you can do right at the comfort of your home or office. You do not need to drive long hours to the gym to get that dream body. 

I have listed exercises that we can do at home on a day-to-day basis.


10 Squat jumps – 30 second planks -15 Russian twist- 35 Jumping Jacks-45 lunge kicks- 25 Second wall sit-40 side crunches-20-second-high knees-5 push ups


15 seconds high knees-5 squat jumps -20 Russian twists-45 second plank-30 second wall sit-10 push ups -35 lunge kicks-25 jumping jacks-40 side crunches


30 second wall sit-45 side crunches- 25 second plank-5lunge kicks-20 Russian twists-35 jumping jacks-15 pushups-40-second-high knees-10 squat jumps


5 squat jumps-30 Russian twists-10 push-ups-25 second wall sit-15 lunge kicks-45 side crunches-35 jumping jacks-20 second plank


20 Russian Twists-35 second wall sit-10 side crunches -30 second plank-40 squat jumps-45 lunge kicks-15 push-ups-25-second-high knees-5 jumping jacks

Saturday and Sunday can be taken as rest days to avoid exhaustion. 

The following weeks, alternate exercises starting from Thursday’s exercises back to Monday.

Come on fit fam-let’s get started !

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