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Loose belly fat in 7-day challenge

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Amazons Watch is excited to bring you our brand new Fitness Challenge series. In this 1st episode, we join Lucy Wyndham-Read for her 7-minute/ 7-day loose belly fat challenge. The aim of the AWM Fitness Challenge Series is to motivate you to become the best and healthiest version of yourself. You’ve got this!

Join our 7-day loose belly fat challenge and let’s track our progress today.
Please comment daily on your progress as we go through each day.

Video credit: Lucy Wyndham-Read

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Please note – 
Weight loss will not happen overnight, no matter how tempting it is to restrict your eating in the hopes of seeing quick results. Be gentle with yourself. Long-term results are obtained by improving your diet and incorporating exercise in ways that you can maintain rather than making drastic changes.

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