Help!!! – Paying Attention to Teen Depression

Abigail was a boisterous girl growing up. She was always full of life and her absence even for a few hours could be felt in the entire house. As she grew into her teenage years, she became withdrawn, unkempt and preferred her company every time of the day. She will lock herself up in her room and cry for days for a justifiable reason. Her parents noticed there was a real issue when she started posting suicidal notes on her social media handles.

On Being a “Mrs Nobody”!

I have gone out on social occasions alone long enough to know that a woman, who goes about her life solo, is its own kind of oppression. I have always enjoyed my own company and want to be by myself the majority of the time. This, of course, is not to say I don’t enjoy the company of others. I have great companions from my place of worship, work, etc., but will always have picked my own company if it was presented on a scale of preference.

How Long Should I Wait After a Cold to Hang Out with People Again?

Here’s how soon you can truthfully say, “don’t worry, I’m not contagious.”

The holiday season is all about sharing: warm embraces with family and friends, heaping spreads of food, good cheer galore, and, inevitably, cold and flu bugs. But should you skip out on all the fun just because a cold or the flu has left you feeling a little under the weather? As long as you’re not sweating bullets with a fever and come armed with a pocketful of Ricola drops in case you break out in a coughing fit, it can’t do any harm to join the party, right? Not so fast, experts say.