Vodafone Ghana CEO Wins Women Leadership Excellence Award

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Vodafone Ghana has seen its Chief Executive Officer, Patricia Obo-Nai, honoured with the Women Leadership Excellence Award at the Ghana CEO’s Network Summit which was recently held in Accra. The award was given in recognition of her remarkable contribution to the advancement and stability of the telecommunications industry in the country since she became the CEO of Vodafone Ghana 2 years ago.

Through the award, the remarkable leadership drive and passion for creativity and innovation of Ms. Patricia was celebrated. She was called out for having introduced several sustainable initiatives that are positively impacting the lives of Ghanaians, falling in line with her vision of driving Ghana’s digitalization agenda.

Building on her reputation, Ms. Patricia is known also for her strong flowing advocacy for more female involvement in STEM-related roles and drive for the youth to acquire digital skills. It is to this that the present award adds to a long list of local and global honours that Patricia has amassed so far in her role as Vodafone Ghana CEO.

Under the leadership of Patricia, telecommunications in her control has seen stability via steady commercial growth and a significant restructuring process. She has also worked on shifting the orientation of the company she leads from a traditional Telco to a digital technology services company to meet up the demands of the modern world.

Patricia has had a wide range of experience in the corporate world is an engineer by profession and a former Chief Technical Officer (CTO). She has also worked as acting Director of the Commercial Business Unit (CBU), and in her present role, she blends the technical and commercial expertise she has built to drive her company forward.

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