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7 Business Readjustment That Can Make You Fly

By Aditi Maheshwari

Covid-19 has created uncertain scenarios that we as individuals and businesses are forced to change our practices to navigate this challenging period. The obvious questions coming up are – how do we enable business continuity during these times of turmoil. How will the future of travel be like, how do we increase engagement in virtual meetings, how do we creatively solve problems, how do we handle fear and stress due to COVID anxiety? How do we incorporate more work from home scenarios, how do we improve work efficiency to incorporate new time tables, the power of communication, the risk-bearing capacity in turbulent times, management crisis, the risks and rewards of investing in times of uncertainties, how do we operate in a safe and inclusive environment, etc. Instability is changing the consumer’s needs and purchasing patterns. To remain relevant and keep your business moving in this present time, it’s important to redesign and remodel so that you don’t remain behind while others are forging ahead. In this article, Amazons Watch outlines seven re-adjustment to make in this age and time.

7 Ways Women Owned SMEs Can Avoid Bankruptcy amid Covid-19

Michelle Fox In recent times, women owned businesses forms the lifeblood of most of the big cities in the world, however, following the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, some of these businesses are shutting down while for some the method of doing business has changed drastically. While the coronavirus seem to pose a huge threat to small and women owned businesses, most business expert are encouraging entrepreneurs to look at the brighter side. “Right now we are being forced to change the way we work, but that doesn’t mean businesses have to suffer. Productivity can be just as high and businesses can thrive. Working remotely will save many businesses during this time,” says Silvina Moschini, co-founder of TransparentBusiness, digital innovation expert, international speaker, and entrepreneur. The coronavirus outbreak has affected everything in life including businesses run by women. In the midst of the lockdown, the fate of most women entrepreneurs…

7 Challenges Encountered by Women in the Corporate World

When examining the life of the modern-day woman in the corporate world, it is highly pertinent to understand that almost all women who have successfully navigated to the top in the ladder of leadership have had to surmount the raging gender bias setting against women, which is usually associated with the current corporate setting in the world. Advancement in the place of work has never been an easy task for the 21st-century woman, especially those who are zealous about changing the tide of things and those passionate about challenging the current domineering patriarchal system in the world.

Seven Inspiring Female Role Models in Tech

Women in technology are often faced with stiff competition and gender inequality. However, the sector can boast of notable and inspiring women who sit as outstanding amazons in the tech hall of fame with glaring achievements to show for their hard-work. Although women may not dominate the industry as much as their male counterparts, but if you pause for a while to observe their various inputs from different regions and brands to the overarching tech industry you will find outstanding results which symbolizes the truth about women’s push to take the lead and pave the way for the younger generation. Though female representation in technology sector might be few when compared to their male counterpart, their contributions are not little or less valuable. Until the time comes when the industry will begin to offer equal opportunity and representation to women we will not stop commending the women who have forged ahead to become…