Ramona Pierson


Ramona Pierson – CEO, Declara Declara is a type of social network that links everyone in a company or an organization. With the help of algorithms developed by Ramona Pierson; Declara’s system learns how people interact, what types of questions they’re looking to answer, and who can best answer them. Ramona Pierson, served as a mariner for 22 years; and she spent most days stuck in an office at the El Toro air station near Irvine, Calif. She was good with math and held top-secret assignments, creating algorithms to aid fighter attack squadrons. Pierson enjoyed the covert puzzling. As a kid growing up in Waco, Tex., and Southern California, Pierson discovered she could do math in her head. Rather than pulling out pencil and paper, she’d use techniques akin to meditation and visualization to process equations. Pierson joined the Corps at 18 in exchange for two years of college tuition.…