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Overlooked Home Decor Elements That Exude High-End Luxury

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By Blessing Ernest

Have you ever felt that your home decor is missing a touch of something unique, even with all the lavish furnishings? You walk into a room and instantly feel a sense of calm or comfort, and you wonder why this is. We often find ourselves drawn to popular symbols of luxury, and when we enter a room with details that quietly transform a space, we easily find it captivating.

For home decor experts, thoughtful curation of details that may escape casual observation is a true luxury. The most luxurious homes are all about status symbols and investments, but they’re also livable luxuries. Expensive fixtures and fittings do not always guarantee an excellent value-for-money result. With a bit of a change in perspective, simple decorations can be something that leaves your space looking more expensive and luxurious.

Decorative Plaster Finishes

Often overlooked, decorative plaster finishes are centuries-old interior designs that scream quiet luxury and will change your opinion on how to paint your walls and ceilings. One of them is Venetian plaster, a durable plaster valued for its simplicity, elegance, and decorative appeal. It appears the plaster is among the decorative plasters having a resurgence; we’ve seen recommendations from expert interior designers on Venetian plaster for hallways, living rooms, bathrooms, and even bedroom walls.

Jake Arnold, interior designer and founder of The Expert, told Vogue in 2021 about the visually appealing qualities of Venetian plaster. “Plaster instantly adds dimension, depth, and warmth to a room, and it’s a touch easier to accomplish than wallpapering a larger living space. “It brings a more natural, lived-in feeling to a room than white walls or fully wallpapered walls.”

Unlike normal painted surfaces, Venetian plaster finishes can hold their colour for decades without peeling or fading, even when exposed to sun and water. Most people favour them for aesthetics; others prefer using them in their homes because they are moisture-resistant, breathable, easy to clean, and have anti-mould properties. This high-end luxury decoration is recommended for your next interior revamp.

Laser Cut Interiors

Interior Designers are convinced that laser cut designs are the new future of interior design. The possibilities are endless thanks to the combination of modern and artistic designs, careful material selection, and skilled operators using advanced laser cutting machinery. For an elegant look, incorporate laser-cut designs into furniture, wallpapers, room dividers, lighting fixtures, and home accessories.

Arianne Bellizaire, the creative director and brains behind Adrianne Bellizaire Interiors, told Architectural Digest how she discovered the true value of laser cut designs. “One of my underrated decor techniques is laser-cut details, like decorative architectural grates or laser-cut cabinet door front inserts. I found a great resource for these elements recently at a design show, and I’m looking forward to using them in some projects.”

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting features transform spaces from uninteresting to aesthetically pleasing and functional. When layering, the best way to achieve a well-lit space is to go with a base layer and accents that, when combined, create textures. From floor lamps to ceiling fixtures, the three layers of lighting ambient, task, and accent work together to illuminate the entire space uniformly.

When incorporating task lighting into your design, focus on specific areas to reduce shadows and rays. Fixtures like floor lamps or bathroom vanity lights can help with this. But if you’re looking for a more personalized touch, try decorating with overhead fixtures, wall sconces, or LED tape. In the absence of ceiling fixtures, designers recommend starting with a base fixture, such as a ceiling light or radiant floor lamp, to fill the room with light.

Real Simple’s Emmy-winning television host and Interior Designer Bobby Berk said, “It’s a good idea to supplement a room with a mix of table lamps, floor lamps, and wall-mounted sconces, especially if you don’t have overhead lighting.” Most of the lighting is sculptural and feels like a piece of art and a functional item. Plus, the lighting was a great way to bring in some fun shapes and pops of colour into the room.” “I also always try to have multiple different types of shades (fabric, metal, glass) as well for a bit of variety in material to prevent your lighting from looking too repetitive.”

Strong Colours

We’ve seen how fast everyone jumped on the minimalist bandwagon over the last few years. Almost as if incorporating a muted colour palette was the peak of interior design aspiration. The soft and pastel colours made interiors feel special in ways people would never be able to achieve with lighter shades. However, all that is changing as eclectic and bolder hues lend themselves nicely to the bare fittings and furniture, adding a more lived-in maximalist vibe. There’s no limit to where strong colours can be used around the house.

According to Layton Campbell, the director of a North Carolina-based interior design firm, J. Layton Interiors, the presence of strong colours in places they ordinarily wouldn’t be seen around the house is a total game-changer. “After years of designers using stainless steel appliances, the use of coloured finishes in kitchen design has made a huge comeback. From a high-end La Cornue or Aga range in an array of custom colours to manufacturers such as Smeg offering retro appliances in fun colours from yesteryear, the rage is on to utilize these pieces in today’s interiors.”

Holiday Decor Overhaul

It’s evident from years of hosting guests in your home that decorations change with the seasons. With each new season and festival comes an opportunity to expand your space. The same decorations that have been tucked away since the previous year shouldn’t always have to resurface at every event. You can go all out without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you’re a planner, chances are you have all the festivities mapped out before the year even begins. That way, every decoration item used is planned, and there are nuances in details to set the tone for your home and give it a unique look and feel. It is also a great way to make guests comfortable during the holiday season.

Interior decor experts recommend adding faux interior elements and illusion fittings to your space to give a touch of elegance and sophistication. It’s not enough to spruce up the place with traditional festive-themed wreaths, tablescapes, and dish towels; try modern decorations around the fireplace, statement artwork, and contrasting elements with lots of swapped accents.

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