An innovation that can prevent diseases

Kembet Bolton

Using proper toilets and hand-washing – preferably with soap – prevents the transfer of bacteria, viruses and parasites found in human excreta which otherwise contaminate water resources, soil and food. This contamination is a major cause of diarrhoea, the second biggest killer of children in developing countries, and leads to other major diseases such as cholera, schistosomiasis, and trachoma.

The proper management of excreta acts as the primary barrier to prevent the spread of pathogens in the environment, thus, directly impacting disease transmission through person-to-person contact, water and the food chain.

According to Ann M. Veneman, UNICEF Executive Director, “Nearly forty per cent of the world’s population lacks access to toilets and the dignity and safety that they provide.

It is therefore very exciting to see a woman who is poised to solve the problem of lack of toilets and open defecation, through a unique ‘’innovation by her’’.

Dr. Diana Yousef (PhD, MBA) invented the iThrone” portable toilet as a response to poor sanitation and health conditions, as well as pollution caused by sewage.

The iThrone is a disruptive yet low-cost composite polymer membrane that essentially “shrink-wraps crap” aggressively evaporating or “flushing” away the full water content of daily sewage output without the need for added heat, energy or flush water.

This revolutionary portable toilet, the “iThrone” eliminates 95% of daily onsite sewage volumes, with no discharge to the environment, replacing the need for tanks, power, plumbing or peripheral components. The toilet is compact, drop-in deployable, stand-alone and self-operating—ideal for homes without sewers in crowded urban settings. It cuts off a significant amount of methane emissions generated by unmanaged/uncollected sewage

How it works

This low-cost, portable toilet uses a simple membrane to rapidly evaporate 95% of sewage without using any type of energy. This innovative technology provides homes with a working toilet, without the need for power or plumbing.

The toilet is straightforward in design, meaning it can be adapted easily and is incredibly cost-effective to produce.

The compact, contained, stand-alone units can be dropped into any space quickly, and the ‘self-flushing’ technology works while being completely waterless and environmentally safe.

No water needed

No power needed

No plumbing needed.

About the Inventor

Dr. Diana Yousef (PhD, MBA) is a serial entrepreneur with strong expertise in commercializing technology in the clean- and biotech sectors. Her professional portfolio extends from McKinsey, to IFC/World Bank’s Life Sciences Investment Group and UNDP’s Inclusive Markets incubator, as well as WeCyclers, Immerse Global and SachSiSolar.


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