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Elvie Breast Pump: Relieving the Burden of Breastfeeding

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The period of breastfeeding for a mother is not just a moment of bonding for her and her baby. It is also a time to create lasting memories. According to World Health Organization, breastmilk is the perfect food for a newborn. They recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, then up to two years and beyond while introducing additional foods. Though, due to many factors, such as a mother combining work and nursing her baby, getting breast milk readily available may be challenging. However, with Elvie’s breast pump invention, breast milk pumping has been made a whole lot easier.

Elvis Breast Pump Features

With its ability to pump over 150ml capacities of milk, the Elvie breast pump comes with the following features:

One pump/motor
Two 150ml BPA-free and fridge/freezer/dishwasher safe milk containers/bottles + storage lids
Two valves, spouts, and seals each
Two breast shields in alternating (24 mm + 28 mm) sizes
Two nursing bra extenders
One USB charging cable
One carry bag

How It Works

Elvis breast pump is a detachable breast bump that can be tucked into a nursing mother’s bra, as it is small and fits in perfectly well. It is wireless (except when it’s attached to the charger). This breast pump is a hand-free, cordless, noiseless pump that fits in your bra. It has a sleek design and is linked to an application through Bluetooth, which helps to monitor the milk production and pumping history. This pump makes it easy for one to collect breast milk from anywhere comfortably.

Mothers who are users of this breast pump have remarkable feedback about the pump.

In one Mum’s words, “Pumping with the Elvie mostly feels pleasurable—almost like a “flutter feed”. It has made thinking about returning to work less daunting, as I know I can pump at work more easily to maintain my supply and provide milk for my daughter while she’s at nursery. Another mum, who happens to be a loyal user stated that “Using Elvie Breast Pump has been a total game-changer for me. After a tough start to breastfeeding, my dream to provide my daughter with breastmilk as per the WHO guidelines while being a working mum is starting to look more like a reality.”

Following the stigma and discomfort that comes with public breastfeeding, Elvie Breast Pump has you covered completely, as it allows you to pump breast milk comfortably from anywhere. You can also pump enough that can be saved for later.  Thanks to Elvis breast pump, the journey of motherhood just got easier.

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