By Anerobi, Chimezie Lotachi

For most women in the professional world, the role of motherhood usually takes a toll on them when they start having children and this can cause issues in both their work and family lives.

Organizations have adopted the option of allowing pregnant women take maternity leave for a certain period (let us not forget that each company has varying ranges of how long this would last). Then, the question arises if only this leave alone is enough for women and mothers to raise their children?

Most often than not, there has always been a clash between the professional and home life of these women, who would end up having to give up one lifestyle for the other. This usually leaves a huge mark on these women and in worse cases; drive them to feel incomplete and then, depression.

Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach are Professionals in their respective fields and also dedicated mothers, who looked at the struggle women, faced in order to effectively balance their work and family lives and decided to create a platform, WERK which provided a means to have very flexible lifestyle.

Werk (to do something to an exceedingly excellent capacity) is not solely designed for women but places a huge emphasis on ensuring that they are able to have flexible jobs.

The flexibility in the workspace environment that WERK provides, allows people to pursue their careers and their personal lives with equal commitment, creating stronger communities and more productive companies.

Flexibility has been known to increase employee happiness, productivity, and loyalty; it is definitely the highest-impact, lowest-cost tool companies can use to optimize their workforce.

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