iTBra is a smart bra developed by Cyrcadia Health, that detects the early signs of breast cancer. The bra uses heat sensors to measure the woman’s circadian temperature, detecting if there have been any sudden changes which might indicate a problem or abnormal development within the breast cells. An examination using the iTBra takes between two and 24 hours, and only requires a woman to wear the bra. It’s less intrusive and embarrassing than a physical exam, and something that can be easily accomplished while going about one’s daily business. Results are then sent to the wearer’s smartphone or PC for later consultation.

The iTBra, which is at a prototype stage, and now trialling the system with the Ohio State University and the Medicine X group at Stanford. This is because this technological method of detecting early signs of breast cancer remains untested and iTBra manufacturers, Cyrcadia Health require the studies to back up its system.

So far it has already been tested on 500 patients in which it proved to be 87% accurate, slightly higher than mammograms at 83%.

The iTBra was also the subject of a documentary titled Detected which screened at SXSW 2015.

Source: Wearable

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