Every woman wants to be able to look her best at any time and always has to follow a healthy diet in order to keep her body in good shape and fit.

There are certain factors that come to play when trying to keep your body in good shape; watching what you eat, when you eat and how you eat are most of the common factors to consider when aiming for a killer body.

Usually, taking control of these factors can prove to be a daunting task and you would definitely need all the help you can get to reach your aim. This help can take different forms from a specifically designed diet to a well-rounded exercise plan and even a fork! This is especially important if you can always have your favourite meals and treats without any hassle.

The HAPIfork is one of those cutting-edge devices that have been designed to help women control, monitor and reduce the speed at which they eat their meals. Understanding that when you eat properly and pay attention to your eating habits can help in creating and maintaining a healthier eating process for your body.

If you are one of the lots, who like to eat in front of a television, work while eating, or do other things, it is already a clear indicator of your concentration is fully attended to how fast or slow you are eating. Most times, a huge part of the lot find themselves eating too fast and that is where the HAPIfork plays a huge role. It will help slow you down and bring you to a healthy eating pace.

This very handy device will measure and record the time from when you hold the fork till it touches your mouth and give you an accurate timeline between each fork serving.

If you are going too fast, a soft gentle vibration emits from the fork and an indicator light comes on to remind you that you are eating too fast.  Such convenience! With time, as these reminders keep coming in, you will notice that your eating pace has slowed down to a speed at which your body can properly process the food that goes into it.

The HAPIfork basically operates by monitoring the following parameters:

  • The number of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal.
  • The duration of each “fork serving” interval.
  • How long your meal lasted.
  • Starting and End time of your meal.

Now, to monitor your progress, you can always upload your information via Bluetooth or USB cable to your computer for future reference. You can also view these statistics on your mobile phone and even choose to share your details with your family, friends, or nutritionists.

Utilizing the HAPIfork to slow down eating pace is very important, as some scientific studies carried out in 2002 showed the following side effects of eating too fast:

  • Weight Gain: when you eat, you can only feel satisfied after about 20minutes. This means that your eating pace is fast, you will end up eating more food than your body requires.
  • Digestive problems: when you eat too quickly, you do not chew your food properly. This then makes it harder to go down your digestive tract and you start having issues.
  • Postoperative complications: eating at a pace that is convenient for your body will lessen the stress on any weak tissue in your body.

The HAPIfork, though a sophisticated device can be used like any other fork you have in your cutlery cabinet. It can be washed in either a sink or a dryer, has an easy-to-use guide and also has wear and tear. The efficiency of the HAPIfork is due to an extensive research and design by Jacques Lépine who used seven years to design the fork.

The fork is designed to operate with maximum compatibility on a wide variety of devices along with your computers and a stable internet connection.

So when next you are in the market for a fitness routine; try the HAPIfork; Eat Slowly – Feel Better.

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