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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Centre Rolls Out Empowerment Programme to Train African Women in Public Leadership

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The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Centre for Women and Development is seeking driven-female leaders to participate in its Amujae Initiative. This is to encourage and train women to confidently pursue and excel in high-level public leadership positions and empower other women.

The Centre for Women and Development supports women pursuing top public leadership roles through customised programmes. Annually, the EJS Centre selects African female public leaders and provides them with leadership development opportunities to increase their ambition and enhance their abilities to serve effectively.

Women participating in the program become members of a supportive network of female leaders. They are part of a more significant movement advocating for greater female involvement in African public leadership.

The founder of the initiative, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, emphasises the significance of backing African women in their leadership roles and the role of men in this process. Ellen believes the program will effectively raise the visibility of women and encourage more women to hold leadership positions in the public sphere, as there is still much work to be done.

Those interested in the program can submit their applications online before February 20, 2023, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria listed on the program’s website. Those eligible for Amujae Initiative are women who meet the following criteria-

  • A citizen of an African country and resides there.
  • She has proven leadership talent, having excelled in her chosen field and distinguished herself as someone who can deliver transformative impact.
  • If not already involved in public service, she has the vision and proven commitment to become an exceptional public leader.
  • She has demonstrated a commitment towards the upliftment/ empowerment of other women.
  • Is patriotic, demonstrating commitment and service to their home country/countries.

To Apply for Amujae Initiative: Applications can only be submitted online via this link and will close on Monday, February 20 2023, at 0800hrs GMT.

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