The World We Want for Women (4W) is an initiative of the Amazons Watch Magazine aimed at collating and documenting a compendium of short stories from young girls and women aged 9-35, about their vision of the world they want for women. Consequently, strategies to effectively articulate and transition the vision embedded in these stories into reality will be developed and implemented by engaging multi-stakeholders with similar interests across the globe.

Colouring your Natural Hair

By Tanya Maswaure

Welcome back to our natural hair series, where we explore and celebrate black natural kinky, curly hair. In this session, we will explore colouring natural hair and how you can do this safely without damage. Similar to the increased interest of individuals cutting their hair during the lockdown, anyone on social media must have seen an increased number of videos of young girls colouring their hair. There is something captivating and exciting about changing your hair; if you feel like doing that, you have the freedom to do so. We just want to make sure that you colour your hair safely.