“To have a Black and Asian woman serve as vice president inspires me with feelings of hope and trues possibilities” “The inauguration of Kamala Harris means progress is happening for women. It allows people to see race, gender and equality at the same time” “There has never been a better time to feel empowered and respected as a female leader than now” These are some of the words that have continued to echo in the voice of women around the globe. Not only has the inauguration of Harris as the vice-president of the United States brought about renewed hope and assurance for women in leadership and the girl child, but is has paved a way for the that little girl to see and believe that she can be it. Kamala Harris has cemented a place in history by becoming America’s first woman, and the first Black and South Asian person,…

By Miracle Nwankwo

According to Matador Network, the black continent is a complex, dynamic, and ever-changing region, yet so often tourists and travellers manage to sum it up with very few similar photos that do no justice to the beauty of the continent. With the portraits of Africa on National Geographic, foreigners have been able to create a picture in their minds of what Africa looks like without visiting the continent, yet, “even a publication like that only has seen a slice of what this place has, is, and offers.”

Miracle Nwankwo

In recent times, colours have been used to represent people, brands and concepts, because it speaks volume about individual character and preferences. Individuals are propelled to a particular colour, that is why we all have favourite colours and why we also have brands with unique colours. Before combining colours, it is important to understand how colours relate and how they can be combined.