People say Senegal dishes are known for fishes; maybe it’s because the West African country borders the Atlantic Ocean, and therefore fish is one of the important ingredients in their dish.

However, have you heard about the Poulet Yassa made with plenty of Chicken and onions?                                                             

Poulet Yassa is a sumptuous Senegalese dish, popular among the people in Senegal and West Africa. This delicious meal contains tender Chicken and lots of caramelized onions in a sweet, spicy, lemony sauce – a typical of African cuisine.

Poulet Yassa also is known as Chicken Yassa could take a different form when it is made with lamb meat (Yassa lamb) or fish (Yassa Poison).

According to Nourishing Africa Hub, Poulet Yassa, originated from Casamance, a historical region in Southwest Senegal between The Gambia and Guinea Bissau. The Casamance region gets its name from the river Casamance. This dish contains high amounts of vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. Vitamin c is high in antioxidants which helps with high blood pressure and boosts immunity.

Also, the mouthwatering chicken sauce is one of those easy-to-make dishes that require just a few ingredients to be transformed into an exciting and comforting meal served at any table. All you need is lots of onions, lemon juice, garlic, dijon mustard, one hot pepper and the most important ingredient, the Chicken. The above ingredients go through a marination process, browning and a slow braise, after which a tender chicken and sweet caramelized onions in a captivating sweet-tangy-spicy sauce is produced.

Easy right? Why don’t you allow Chef Lola to take you through the process of preparing this meal?

There are four easy steps to make Yassa Poulet. A well made Yassa chicken speaks for itself, but I will like to add that the more the onions, the better the Yassa. That is because when you think about YASSA, what comes to mind first is ONIONS! Yes, onions are the foundation of the delicious recipe, but don’t let that scare you from making this dish. When you make it, you will see how well the onions complement the flavour of the Chicken. Trust me; Chicken Yassa will be unthinkable without Onions! You will be wowed!

  • First step: Marinate the Chicken and Onion: Leave the Chicken to marinate in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours. If you can go overnight, that will be just fine. The longer, the better. The Chicken gets its deep flavour from marinating, and this goes a long way in making the Chicken more flavorful. Please be sure not to skip this step.
  • Second Step: Brown the Chicken: Get the oil heated up and brown the chicken on both sides. You want the skin to be nicely browned and crispy.
  • Third step: Cook down the Onions for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how caramelized you want the onions to be.
  • Fourth step: Combine everything: Add the browned Chicken to the cooked down onions together with the leftover marinade and chicken stock. Cook further till done and serve over white rice.

Voila! Your chicken poulet is ready for your tommy.

If you love African dishes and have been dreaming of making one, this Yassa recipe by chef lola’s kitchen is a good one to start with, and you will be glad you did.

Happy Cooking!

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