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Five Exercises That Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Exercising during pregnancy can be helpful for a woman’s mental and physical health, and it can as well provide the newborn with a healthier beginning. Frequent exercise during pregnancy can enhance your posture and lessen some common distress such as backaches and fatigue. There are proven facts that physical activity may curb gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), alleviate stress, and generate more strength needed for labour and delivery.

Dear Mom… Letter from your Teen

By Tanya Maswaure

Being a mom includes several challenges, staying up late, changing diapers, and taking care of bruises: the primary communication is the baby crying throughout all of this. Communication should be much simpler when they grow up, but this is not always so easy. Teenagers are not always easy to understand because they are also trying to understand themselves, which can sometimes be challenging. Mothers can feel insecure, lost and confused because of communication difficulties. This mother’s day, we would like to give you some insight into what they think and feel. Using anonymous notes, we asked teenagers and some young adults to say what they would like their moms to know this mother’s day. Here are the few messages we received:

Comic Book Expounds Black Mothers as Women of Dialogue

By- Aditi Maheshwari Scheena Donia is playing multiple roles as an image coach, a communication consultant, a mother of four children, and a very active blogger on social media channels. She has now written a comic book. “C’est Maman qui commande” (It’s Mom who orders) has just been released in France and French-speaking African countries. Though she lives in Paris, she remains innate to her Gabonese roots. “I wanted to write this book so that children, like me Afro-descendants, or not, also see what their daily lives are like in a comic book. The idea of representation is essential. I also wanted to honour African mothers who are often caricatured when shown on TV, in boubou, always angry… and not necessarily in their diversity. I wanted to show that there is not only one way to be a mother and a black mother. We don’t all live in the country.…

Too Much? She is Just a Child

By Kembet Bolton

My friend Rita had invited me for a children’s party. Her estate organizes these parties bi-yearly to just celebrate the kids and spice up things during the holidays. The party was slated for 3.00pm so I had arrived two hours earlier as she had requested so I could assist in getting her girls get ready while she takes care of the small chops she was preparing for the party.