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The Advantages of Online Tutoring

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By Tanya Maswaure

It is now common knowledge that the pandemic introduced us to a new world of online learning and tutoring. We’ve learnt that this is an untapped avenue to explore, as the online world is limitless and provides various opportunities for everyone. One great advantage of the online space as regards schoolwork and learning is online tutoring. Online tutors worldwide have spiked and helped several academics and children in their different activities and curriculums. Some parents are still doubtful, but here are some advantages of online tutoring that may change your mind and your kid’s perspective on school work.

Although online tutors are not brand new, the concept has increased popularity and benefits. Online tutoring is a form of teaching, usually one-on-one or in a group, which takes place over the internet in real-time. According to ThirdSpace Tutoring, a popular online tutoring site, despite what some technology platforms claim, online tutoring must involve a ‘real person’. The online tutor can be a person the student already knows in a real-life capacity or somebody from the other side of the world that the student only ever meets online. This means you can even arrange with an old teacher your child was comfortable with or a family member without the inconvenience of travel costs.

There are usually two requirements for online tutoring to take place. The child and tutor need to have an internet connection and a device to receive and deliver the online lesson. This device can be a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone. This makes the learning process easy, fast, and seamless.

Most of the time, when we talk about online tutoring, we’re referring to one-on-one lessons where one professional tutor will teach one student over the internet. However, one online tutor can teach more than one student at a time in a small group. These are similar to the Zoom and Google meets classes we are familiar with. The group sessions are great for interactive subjects and could even go on to create great friendships for your child. If online tutoring for you is just about your child, some extra help in one-on-one sessions would be better.

Online tutoring can take many forms, but the basic premise remains: skilled instructor uses their knowledge of a subject to guide a student. Some services use pre-recorded lessons, however, research from Yonsei University on Online Tutoring has shown that these are less effective than the personalized live and interactive sessions for the student.

Several organizations provide a variety of prices, so you can always pick a rate that works well with your budget. The lessons are also time savers as you don’t have to commute.

Struggling at school can cause students to lose confidence, affecting their performance and personal relationships. Having a tutor helps them stay on top of the curriculum, which means less stress and greater confidence at school for your child.

The advantages are clear, and the benefits enormous. You may have been hesitant about the concept, but we urge you to try it. It just may be what your child needs.

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