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‘Strive’ A Short Story Series

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By Jewel Ken- Giami

Hey everyone! I apologize for the long wait, I said I’d post the following week but never came around to it. I’ll try harder to be more consistent. If you missed Part 1, click on this link to find it. Anyway, here’s the next part. I hope you enjoy it!


It was a piano. Not just any piano. A white, shiny, grand piano. And no I’m not being dramatic. I’ve seen pianos before, but this one just tugged at a heartstring. My pupils dilated as they stared in awe at the beauty. Miss Olamide told us we’d be learning piano this term. Not only will I have the privilege of seeing it, but I’ll get to learn it!?!?! (sorry, I’m really happy about this).

But I seemed to be the only one overjoyed, surprisingly! Everyone either remained silent or pulled a face of disappointment. “But Ma,” a short boy, Julius, said whiningly, “I thought we were doing drums this term!” Most of the boys muttered in agreement. And, guess who. Yup, Amber. “Mrs. Olamide, the boys are right. Can you kindly pull a few strings and let us do drums this term? I’m sure one of the teachers may have told you about it?” she smiled sweetly.

No way Miss Olamide will listen to that. “Dara, why are you frowning like that? What, is it her? Don’t worry, my dear; there’s no way Miss Olamide will believe that.”Lola convinced me. “Glad we share the same brain cell”. We both grinned. But to both of our complete, full, uttermost SHOCK, she said, “Hmm.. maybe you’re right. Someone would have told you that. I trust you, Miss Class Prefect.” My teacher gushed at her. She shot her another sweet smile, and my teacher practically melted.

Lola and I just sat there, shocked. She had some kind of… spell on them! The teacher left the room, probably to get the drum kit ready. We were left unsupervised. Amber’s gushing smile quickly turned into a scowl. She looked at us, then laughed at our faces. “Please, close your mouths. You look twice as ugly with them open.” Her minions, Jessie and Jojo, giggled snootily. Lola looked her up and down and wrinkled her nose. “So why were you gawping, hm? Surprised? I know, I’m so amazing that the teachers believe everything I say!” I stifled a laugh. “Please! You? Amazing? Do you even know the definition?” Lola jumped in. “I do! And it’s definitely not you, Amber,” she said her name like it was poison.

We left her there, frowning, and ran to look for Miss Olamide. “That girl overthinks of herself,” Lola groaned. “Right? Anyway, enough about her. Lola, did you SEE that piano? It was so… What’s the word..majestical.” I smiled, daydreaming about it. Lola laughed. “Since when were you into pianos? This is the first time I’m hearing of it,” I shrugged, ”I don’t’s like an empty space in me was filled, just a little bit.” Lola looked at me. “You’re so dramatic. You saw a pretty piano and now it’s filling an empty space in you?” she teased. Ugh. She just doesn’t understand, I feel like…I’m meant to do piano, you know. It was like an instant connection. I don’t know; maybe I am dramatic.

Lola and I found Miss Olamide and finally convinced her to let us do piano this term. I didn’t say anything else about pianos for the rest of the day, and later I got home. My mum greeted me with a smile ….and a plate of rice. “Ooh, good afternoon Mum” I tried to take the plate from her. She dodged me quickly and I nearly fell. “First, how was your day Dara?” I was quite hungry so I just said, “Good. We started learning piano today. Well, kind of.” I reached for the plate again, but she dodged me again. “Mummy, I’m hungry!” She raised her eyebrow. “Have you washed your hands? Have you changed out of your uniform? Have you greeted your Dad?” “I,” I mumbled. “So? Go do it! No food until you do. OK?” I groaned loudly, in my head of course. “Yes, Mummy.” She smiled and went to attend to my baby sister, Elena.


I jumped on the living room sofa, wearing a comfy shirt(they never get old), and switched on the TV. Since my homework was little, I actually had time to watch this Strive Kids show. I had called Lola earlier and she told me it started at 8 pm. It was 7:55. I lay down on the sofa wondering if this show will live up to Lola’s hype. My older brother, Daniel, barged into the living room like he owned it, shoved my legs off the sofa, and sat like a king. “Do you have no manners?” I growled. He looked at me. “Stop talking. I don’t like your voice.”  The audacity! Just because he’s one year older he acts like he can do whatever he wants. Like seriously, one year doesn’t mean anything. “So what are you watching? Oh! I didn’t know you liked Strive Kids Nigeria! I love this show. Maybe you’ve earnt a little respect, just maybe.” I rolled my eyes at him. “Shush now, it’s starting!” I bit my lip as I stared at the TV, excitedly awaiting what would come next…           


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