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Benefits of Modest Dressing

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In our present-day, decent fashion is a long-forgotten art. A lot of people tend to shy away from modest fashion because they think it is not popular, fashionable, trendy, or in vogue. 

Desiring to dress modestly oftentimes is considered a limiting choice that only religious or conservative women consider in their outfits which I consider a rather narrow-minded thought. 

In reality, you don’t have to reveal sensitive body parts to be considered one on top of her game. Decency will never go out of style.

Rather than thinking about what decency takes away, concentrate on what it adds instead.

So what are the benefits of modest dressing?

  1. Personal and professional benefits

“When you dress decently, you draw attention to yourself as a person, not to a particular part of the exposed body. In other words, when you expose a sensitive body part, say your cleavage, the focus is automatically dragged to that part. On the other hand, people access you and your outfit as a whole when you are modestly dressed,” says Racheal Walker, a Boston fashion stylist, and blogger.

This is so vital when it comes to both your relationships and professional life. 

By being modest in your work clothing, you keep your dresses looking professional. Acceptable business clothing is never provocative under any conditions. Modesty preserves your career reputation because it prevents dressing in any sexually suggestive ways, which is often unprofessional. It would rather be more beneficial to channel all clients’ attention to the mindblowing idea you are pitching during a presentation, for instance.

  1. You Enjoy the comfort

“Decent attire such as loose-fitting clothes enables better movement and flexibility. Your arms and legs are not constrained by tight sleeves or brief hemlines, so you can move freely without worrying about revealing too much,” Rachel says.

Whether you want to dress casual or glam up a little more, decent attire gives you freedom and makes you comfortable.

  1. It accords you respect

Do you remember that saying from long ago, “you are addressed the way you dress?”

“Traditionally, what we wear tell a lot about who we are, and fragments of our character shine through in what we choose to wear every day,” says Rachel.

A woman who is not only confident but dresses modestly commands respect on another level.

Modest attire for women is classy and simple, commands respect, and can be worn virtually anywhere. 

  1. Modest fashion is timeless

“The good thing about modest fashion is that it doesn’t go out of style. Rachel says that there will always be people who prefer dressing in simple, fuss-free attire,” Rachel says.

Also, the cut and designs of most decent attires are essential and versatile. Every piece can be re-worn for various fashion styles throughout the years—all you need is to put your creativity at work.

How to come up with an outfit that is both elegant and modest

Modest dressing isn’t in any way synonymous with having a dull look. Yes, there is certainly a way to dress modestly and still be fashionable. 

“The harmony between a fashionable attire and a modest one is elegance. Modesty is at the centre of all exquisite looks. This is because both outfits need adequate discernment to pull them off. You cannot just put together the latest styles, trends, and designers without such modesty considerations and still hope to come out with an elegant outfit that is also modest. That would be a disaster,” says Rachel.

Also, to look elegant, you must be able to have moderation in your looks. Deep down, the virtue of humility enables a person to curb excess and extremes and helps a person discern what is “too much” vs “too little” in an attire.

The best way to put together an attire is to think it through strategically.

Rachel recommends a simple strategy for coming up with a put-together outfit. She calls it” The S.O.F.A.” The S.O.F.A. method makes you pause and analyse everything you’ll need to choose the perfect attire.

– Season: This represents the time of year as well as the weather conditions.

O – Occasion: What particular occasion are you dressing for? Are you running an errand? Or dressing up for a formal event?

F – Formality: What is the required formality? Casual, semi-formal, formal? All mean different things for your wardrobe.

A – Activity: Are you going to be running around all day? Are you seated for long hours? Are you performing actual physical activity?

People believe that modest fashion implies concealing rather than revealing, but what’s actually happening here is that you’re revealing qualities that should distinguish you. Remember, you’re not just the sum of your physical parts, and your beauty and confidence don’t come from revealing some skin. It’s all about what’s inside that matters, and modest clothing accentuates just that!

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