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Creating Much Out of Little- A Story of Raquel Wallace

Women all around the world have taken the bull by the horn as regards issues concerning their career, well-being, and aspirations. Some have failed along the long while others have gone against the fierce wind in pursuit of their life’s dreams. The success stories of these few strong women which would reverberate through the walls of the ears of women across the world will serve as strength and encouragement to those that have been discouraged by social norms and societal roadblocks.

South Africa and the Future of the African Woman

By: Lebogang Morethe

Kgwediyabasadi” (meaning women’s month in Sepedi) the famous words that get most men rolling their eyes in irritation. Most of them angry that instead of women being in the kitchen they will be all over town attending conference after conference if not seminar after seminar. I noticed that only the empowered men welcomed women’s month with smiles and gratitude. The contradiction of emotions said a lot about the type of women each man attracted. I can list but a few women who empower and challenge me as a female in Africa. Basetsana khumalo, Phumzille Mlambo Nqucka, Michelle Obama and Foloronsho Alakija but to mention a few.