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COVID-19: How those Suffering from Anxiety Disorders Can Cope

Being anxious occasionally is a normal part of life. We might worry about things like health, money, or family problems. In fact, a speaker at a seminar on anxiety once said that ‘’it is irresponsible not to worry at all about these things. But people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), do not just worry occasionally or spare a thought about their health, money or family. They feel extremely worried or feel nervous about these and other things—even when there is little or no reason to worry about them. My friend ‘’Jasmine’’ who was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder describes it as a total feeling of impending doom, excessive worry and feeling of helplessness and losing control. I found out that telling someone with anxiety disorder that they are in perfect health, have a secured well-paid job or a beautiful family, does nothing to make them feel better, the helplessness and…

The Health Benefits of The Basil Leaf

Today, we live in a time when manufactured medicines and prescriptions prevail, but do they have to be the only approach to healing? Even with all of these engineered options at our fingertips, many people find themselves turning back to the medicinal plants that started it all: Herbal remedies that have the ability to heal and boost physical and mental well-being. In fact, at the beginning of the 21st century, 11 percent Trusted Source of the 252 drugs considered “basic and essential” by the World Health Organization were “exclusively of flowering plant origin.” Drugs like codeine, quinine, and morphine all contain plant-derived ingredients. While these manufactured drugs have certainly become paramount in our lives, it can be comforting to know that the power of nature is on our side, and these herbal choices are available to complement our health practices. One plant that has been known for enormous health benefits…