Chinenye Udeh – A Pacesetter in Nigeria’s Tech-ecosystem

In recent technology landscape, there has been a surge of innovative entrepreneurs in many parts of the world, but in terms of delivering gender parity, the industry has been disgracefully slow. However, even with the damning gaps and records, there are signs of women making headway in the sector. These growing number of young women in a stiff male-dominated terrain are creating a path and ensuring that the future is bright for the next generation of amazons. Though the economy might be hard, the system unfavorable and the acceptability may be poor, yet in recent times we have seen and documented giant strides of female entrepreneurs, technology inclusive, in emerging economies like Africa. In this interview with Amazons Watch Magazine, the Managing Director, Smart Kids Zone, Chinenye Udeh, tells us more about her journey and strategies in Techpreneurship. Excerpts: 1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the…

Improving Women’s Participation On Corporate Boards Would Require Quotas In Publicly Traded Companies – Trajano

Working her way through the ranks of her family-owned retail store, Magazine Luiza, Luiza Helena Trajano transformed the company from a retail store in Franca Sao Paulo, into one of Brazil’s leading retailers, now operating over 731 stores across 16 states in the country. Trajano has in the last decade, retained her place as one of Brazil’s leading women entrepreneurs, building and operating a multi-billion – dollar cooperation.

Zhou Qunfei – A Rare Resilience that Breeds Success

While gender equality in the government sector still proves elusive, and female leadership is almost non-existent in the top echelons of the ruling Communist, some parts of the Asian continent still boast of self-made women who have navigated their way to the top regardless of the unfair economy. Not only are self-made Chinese women growing in global prominence, but the contribution of Chinese women to the economy at all levels has increased greatly in recent years.