The kitchen is a woman’s most cherished part in the home and also the most used corner of the home. It is almost unusual to avoid a visit to the kitchen at least twice a day. But when the kitchen is messy, cluttered or in disorder, it causes frustration and increases stress because important items might be hidden or unreachable.

In the same vein, it is important to know that a cluttered kitchen is not free from germs because it is impossible to properly clean a kitchen when is not properly spaced out.

Having your kitchen in an organized manner requires planning and witty ideas some of which we will be revealing in this article.


Often times we buy things that we already have. When we do not buy them, we receive as gift items and have several kitchen and other household items in surplus. Items like mugs, knives, plates or even spoons, usually fall into this category but wisdom demands that we either throw away old or worn-out items or give them out if they are still useable. By doing this, we are able to free some space and de-clutter the kitchen.



In a situation where there is limited in a kitchen, making use of the walls, mounting shelves and getting big bags are very important. Why fill up the kitchen counter with cutleries when you can get a suitable hanger for them on the walls? You can hang some other lighter and convenient items as long as the hangers can carry them.

Also, getting sacks can be valuable, because they help us store things that we do not use often. For example, whenever we have an occasion in the homes, we make use of kitchen items such as pots and bowls more than usual. But for an everyday use, we engage fewer items in the kitchen, therefore it is important to arrange and pack every item that is important but not for everyday use in a big bag and keep them in the store. This helps us to have an organized kitchen because there are only a few items that are on display.



Almost all kitchens have shelves, while some kitchens have so many, others have very few to make use of. The most important thing, however, is to properly arrange the shelves as often as possible.


Cultivating the habit of putting your cooking items and ingredient in order is as important as arranging the books in a library. It makes for an ease reach of the things you need and want to make use of at a particular moment.

Also, when loads of stuff are properly arranged, they look neat and appropriate. Note that a shelve is not counted valuable until you learn to tidy them up.


The waste bin is an essential object to the kitchen because it helps to reduce mess and the stress of walking far to dispose of little waste

However, placing your waste bins at strategic positions of your kitchen must be considered. Putting your waste bins at reachable angles or corners of your kitchen is important to avoiding cluttering even when the kitchen is in use. Use more waste bins if you have a large kitchen. Life is easier when we adopt easier methods.


Apart from the idea of doing away with duplicate items, it is also advisable to buy less. Avoid buying more than enough and put your kitchen space into consideration when buying anything that will be placed or used in the kitchen. By doing this, you will be able to avoid clutter and waste.


When you adopt this method no one will ever see your kitchen in a cluttered state. Cleaning the kitchen immediately after cooking helps you put used items and cutleries in their right positions. No item will be found out of place. Moreover, experts have adviced against relaxing for a while after cooking because it has been observed that people become very lazy to clean up due to fatigue from the cooking.



Cleaning a home is not a one man’s business, it involves the whole family putting their best to it.

Educate your spouse, children, maids or relatives living with you to practice the habit of de-cluttering kitchen items. Help them by continuously and politely telling them to put back anything they used in the right position. Teach them to often use the waste bin and much more. Doing this will help you achieve and bring to reality your dream organized kitchen.

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