As humans, we all have different body forms and types, but certain things are common amongst humans. The human body is packed full of tricks that you did not know existed within. I found this piece from Lolwot about weird tricks the body can do. So sit back and enjoy 7 things you never actually knew your body could do.

Super Hearing

Say, you are at a noisy concert but you are trying to hear what your friend is saying. If you turn to listen to them with your right ear when they are talking, you will hear them better because the right ear is better at tracking active talking. However, if you are trying to figure out what song is playing, turn to the radio with your left ear toward it to be able to determine the song. This works this way because the different hemispheres of the brain work better for different things

Scratch Your Ear to Ease Your Tickling Throat

When your throat starts tickling, you tend to try to clear it to get rid of the tickle. This doesn’t work very well, however. All you really need to do is scratch your ear to ease that tickle in your throat. When you scratch your ear, the scratching activates the nerves in the ear which in turn creates a reflux like reaction and causes a muscle twitch. The muscle twitching in your ear eases the tickle in your throat.

Decrease Temporary Pain

If you need to get some kind of injection when visiting the doctor or you are in the emergency room and you don’t want to feel the small pinch from the needle, just cough a little and it will decrease even this little bit of pain. This is because coughing decreases pain signals to the brain which, in turn, causes you to feel less of it.

Fighting Acid Reflux at Night

If you suffer from acid reflux and want to sleep good at night without waking up needing to ease the heartburn, just sleep on your left side instead of on your back or your right side. This helps because the esophagus and stomach are tied at an angle and when sleeping on your left side, your stomach is lower than your esophagus. However, if you sleep on your right side, gravity doesn’t work so well because the stomach is higher than your esophagus which then allows the acid from your stomach to go right up into your throat causing you acid reflux.

Ease a Toothache with Ice

You can easily reduce the pain from your toothache with ice but without even opening your mouth. Just rub an ice cube on the area in between your thumb and your index finger and it will ease the pain up. This neat little trick will ease your toothache by about half, which is a lot when it comes to your teeth. This trick works because of that neural pathway that is in that little ‘V’ in between your thumb and index finger that keeps pain from going to your face.


Eliminate Burn Marks on Your Skin

This neat trick the body can do is like taking an eraser and erasing the burn marks from your skin. If you accidentally touch something really hot and burn your fingers or hand or any other part of your body, instead of putting ice on the burned skin, just clean your skin really well and apply some light pressure to where you burnt yourself using the unburned fingers on your other hand. Although ice helps with the pain from the burn, this natural trick will prevent blisters from popping up from the burn. This is because using the unburned fingers on your other hand and applying pressure to the burn will return the burned area to normal temperature, therefore, reducing the risk of blisters forming on the burned area of your skin.

Get Rid Of Brain Freeze

If you drank something that is really cold, take iced tea for example, pretty fast because you were really thirsty, you will probably get brain freeze. Brain freeze is, simply put; a sudden headache right after you drank something really cold, a little too fast.

There is a simple and quick fix that will prevent that sudden headache from forming. Just press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can. The harder you press it, the faster it will prevent that brain freeze headache from sneaking up on you suddenly. The main reason you get a sudden headache after drinking something cold way too fast is because the nerves at the roof of your mouth freeze from the cold beverage. Since they freeze, your brain overheats causing a strong and sudden headache. However, as long as you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can, it will stop that strong and sudden headache from forming.

Achy Joints Can Predict Weather

You know that saying about achy joints predicting the weather? Turns out it is true! The reason why is because when a storm or colder weather is coming in, the pressure of the atmosphere drops which increases pain in the joints because the sensory nerve endings can tell when there is an increase in joint fluid pressure making them achy. So, next time someone tells you a storm is coming because their joints are achy, listen to them!

Your Sense of Smell Is a Time Machine

Have you ever noticed when you smell something, someone from your past used to wear, for example, their perfume, and you start to tear up? This is because our sense of smell can take us back in time from when we were with that person. This is all because the part of the brain that is responsible for smell is located in the same place as the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotions. So, next time you smell something from your past, you will understand why you might start crying a little.

Source: Lolwot

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