In the course of my work, I have heard a lot of people admit that they agree with the fact that your wardrobe has a role to play in landing a job or making an impression. Different people have come up with different views on how your wardrobe affects the way people perceive you and evaluate your personality. Many people say this without knowing how much this little detail means.

A few years ago, I got an invite to interview for a job which I was not very qualified for. The invitation was sent barely 28 hours to the time, so it left very little time for preparation. I went for the interview, knowing that I would probably be the least qualified person there; it was a sales job and I am not a talker, so I spent most of my preparation time, and tending to my wardrobe. I took my time to get a clean hairdo and manicure, I spent the rest of the time choosing a perfect outfit and polishing my accessories, and I said to myself, if I cannot make an impression with my speech, I can make an impression with my appearance.

I was the least qualified person professionally, but got the job; I eventually asked the Human Resource Manager, why I was chosen for the job when I barely had 4 months experience in marketing. She smiled and told me, your wardrobe qualified you; we were looking for someone who was organized enough to take off in a jiffy and still look presentable, hence the short notice. That taught me a valuable lesson.

Your wardrobe says a lot about your personality, and I’m not talking about buying expensive stuff. The smallest detail could tell much more than you ever imagined.

The famous Coco Chanel once said, ‘If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it’s the woman herself we’ll notice.’

I’ve done a little research and here are 7 messages you probably do not know you are passing about your personality each time you pick an outfit.


The Workaholic and Successful Personality Repeats Same Clothes Often

When you repeat your clothes ever so often, you’re simply saying you’ve got no time to change your clothes.

Noticing that it will take some time to decide on what to wear every morning, for these personalities, two things are involved: it is either they take the weekends to outline their clothes for the week or they wear the same type of clothes often. Note that it is not that they do not take fashion seriously but for them, time is money and very essential. Also, this is applicable to other areas of their lives, they do not waste their time on things that will not bring in profit.


Always Looking For What To Wear But Have So Many Clothes

This person enjoys the shopping experience but is unable to make the right choices on what to buy so their wardrobe lacks coordination. They also do not like getting rid of items that they are not wearing but rather they hoard these items with the mindset that they will wear it someday. This person tends to buy what they do not need. Generally, this person might struggle to make decisions and agonize every morning over why they made the decision they made.

An Organized Wardrobe Boosts Productivity

Keeping an organized wardrobe with your work clothes all organized helps to boost your productivity.

If productivity is a concern to you, the worst thing you want to have to deal with in the morning is trying to figure out what you want to wear.

Psychologists have said that it takes the same amount of mental power to decide on what you’ll wear as it does to choose what to wear. So when you keep an organized wardrobe, it frees up mental energy for other tasks and allows you to focus your mind on something else since the decision has been premade.

Plus, you get that extra motivation that comes from having accomplished something already.

The Stingy Personality

These kind of people are professionals when it comes to keeping things. They have clothes in their closets that have lasted for 10 years or more.  They wouldn’t let go of a thing until it is confirmed worn-out. However, this kind of people, know how to maintain clothes. This is traceable to the fact that they like to save things for their use alone. On the other hand, there are also particular kinds of stingy personalities that are stingy to themselves, in the sense that when they think a cloth or a thing is very expensive they would rather not put it on or use them often or will never use or wear them at all. Such clothes and things are packed and locked up in a mystery box or wardrobe that they visit once in a year or life time. This attitude affects other aspects of their lives, there maintain things and do not let go of things easily until their faded.

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