The act of multitasking has been attached to a superhuman ability in these modern times although it is one of the vital attributes every woman should possess. Multi-tasking is an activity most people perform almost every day even though they might not be conscious of it. You might be wondering what exactly multi-tasking is. Dictionary defined multitasking as the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks or programs under the control of an interrupt-driven operating system. Multitasking can be a great strategy to realizing your unending to-do lists, thereby, increasing your productivity although; you must learn to accord the appropriate focus to each task. As women move out from the cliché of just being housewives to occupying seats in top boardrooms, the need to be great mothers as well as excellent career women becomes more needful and sometimes stressful. Being a home-keeper, wife and a career mom can be very exhausting for most women, but the ability to multi-task and still keep your cool will leave you more fulfilled than you can ever imagine. Have you ever wished you could be able to satisfy yourself, career and kids? If yes, then you need to have at the tip of your fingers more effective ways by which you can multi-task.

Below is Seven Effective Ways a Woman Can Multi-task:

  1. Make a To-do list: Having a schedule list of whatever tasks you need to accomplish in a day can help you multi-task, as this gives you the ability to select two tasks that can possibly be performed simultaneously without any of the two missing out.  Making a to-do list involves scheduling tasks and setting time frames. Have deadlines or a short turn-around time for tasks, and you’ll surpass your expectations. Through trials and errors, you learn how best and fast to complete tasks. Also, avoid the tendency to take on more than you can handle you can do this by making sure that your allotted time suits the activity to be performed.
  2. Make Use of Technology Provided Aid: In a world where technology seems to have the answer to almost all human problems, multi-tasking should not be so much of a big deal. Technology has helped to provide mothers who can do shopping online and at the same time do the laundry with the help of a washing machine, while doing shopping online as the electronic self-rocking cradle rocks the baby to sleep. Therefore, using technological aids can boost multi-tasking and make it more efficient.
  3. Avoid Distractions: Multi-tasking calls for a lot of self-discipline.  Everyone faces distractions especially when there is a lot of task to get done but the ability to handle these distractions is what keeps you on track and makes the act of multi-tasking much more effective. These distractions can come in form of phone, calls, television, and social media etc. but self – discipline keeps a mom on track especially the mom who runs a home-based business. 
  1. Grab the Opportunity to Delegate: Most mothers have problems with delegating because they can barely trust anyone to perform a certain task as perfect as they would have done it themselves. Multi-tasking is more beautiful when add extra hands. In order not to regret the decision to delegate, assess the task you are personally able to and the ones good enough for delegation. Delegation is a great way to get so many tasks done at the same time.
  1. Discern the Activity for the Moment: Learning to do the right thing at the right time can make multitasking more effective. When preparing your to-do list, you must bear in mind the best time for every activity and place all activities within the right timing. Recognize when you work best by monitoring your productivity and assign all activity the way it suits you. Allocating the best time of your day to your most important work is a great way to be more effective and productive. 
  1. Use Waiting Time Efficiently: Whenever any of your activity provides for a waiting time be conscious to use it effectively. Waiting time may come in places like the airport, bank, or doctor’s office. Always take along some work, especially if you have to be in places where waiting is inevitable. While waiting, find a means to multi-task with any available chore. 
  1. Take Multi-task Rehearsals: Practice they say makes perfect as it is an act to mastering any skill. In order to become skilled in the act of multi-tasking, you must learn to practice the act frequently. Multi-tasking should be part of every woman’s life, and not an activity that arises just from a need to get many things done. To practice how to multi-task take a look at all you need to do in a day and pick a few routine tasks to start with.

Women have been assigned a handful of responsibilities in our society today, these responsibilities are definitely not beyond their capacity but making good use of their multi-tasking skills can help them become more productive than they have ever imagined.  

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