The World Health Organization listed cell phones as one of the possible causes of brain cancer because of its high emission of radiation. This has raised much concern as cell phones have become very important to our daily activities.

One of the sure ways to avoid the potential risk of cancer caused by cell phones is to reduce exposure to radiation. This can be done by employing the following steps:

  1. Get a low-radiation phone: Low radiation phones are safer to use because they emit less radiation. When buying a phone, EMF-Health.comrecommends that you consider the phone’s SAR (specific absorption rate), a way of measuring the radiation absorbed by the body. It’s usually listed in the phone’s instruction manual.
  2. Keep the phone away from your ear when you can: Wait for your calls to connect before bringing the phone to your ear, that way you reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by your body. And when you talk, tilt the phone away from your ear and bring it in close when you’re listening. Radiation levels are less when a cell phone is receiving signals compared to when it is transmitting.
  1. Use a headset: Radiation produced by headsets is less than that produced by cell phones. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) advises that cell phones be kept away from your head. The farther away you are from a source of radiation, the less damage it can do.
  2. Avoid making calls with poor connection: Do not continue a call if you are struggling to maintain a connection or if you are in an area where the network is poor. Instead, end the call and wait till you are able to secure a better connection because the fewer the signal bars the harder your phone has to work to connect thereby releasing more radiation.
  3. Text more often: While texting your cell phone emits less radiation because it uses less energy compared to calls says the EWG. Texting also keeps the radiation source farther away from your brain.
  4. Make sure your kids use the landline: Kids are the most vulnerable to potential radiation dangers. Children’s brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as adults. Instead of allowing your kid use cell phones which have become very common, protect them from the dangers of cell phone radiation by making them use the landline.

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