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5 Oct


  CONCEPT NOTE   Women, STEM & the future of Innovation and Sustainability in Emerging Economies Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai-UAE 14th December 2017.     SUMMIT OVERVIEW & OBJECTIVES Owing to decades of world economic meltdown, the productivity growth in most emerging economies’ signature industries now face threats of losing their competitive edge as well as operating below potential. In the face of this worrisome trend, economic activities in the global scene has plummeted and realigned with rising multiple forces, including the emergence of new urban consumers, technological breakthroughs and an enormous movement of global trade. Emerging economies can therefore, take advantage of these developments to compete favorably on the global scale and attain the status of world economic leaders in no distant time. One way for emerging economies to lead in such...
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8 Mar

Mining Investment Asia Shines Spotlight on ‘Women in Mining’

Mining Investment Asia, South East Asia’s largest mining investment conference, supports International Women’s Day (8 March) - a global initiative celebrating the achievements of women and calling for action to accelerate gender parity. Hence, for our third edition of Mining Investment Asiathis year, we have chosen to pioneer the launch of Asia’s inaugural ‘Women in Mining Day’ during this special month of March. ‘Women in Mining Day’ will be held on 28 March at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, as part of the Mining Investment Asia Conference and Exhibition. Women have traditionally been under-represented in the mining industry. However, with recent announcements from major global mining companies such as BHP Billiton setting goals for 50% of their workforce to be women by...
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12 Oct

The South America- Africa- Middle East- Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS) 2016

  Organisers- Centre for Economic and Leadership Development Theme - Scaling up the rise of women leaders in emerging economies Date: 13 December, 2016 Overview In recent times, we are experiencing the dawn of an era where women are incurably committed to taking over the leadership of territories originally renowned for their history of patriarchy, oligarchy and subordination of women. In the same vein, emerging economies are currently home to a new generation of Women, who are taking risks in their professional lives as politicians, entrepreneurs, heads of conglomerates and public stewards to build a more sustainable future for their regions. However, the gender gap in leadership roles still remain, with women at the tail end of all forms of biases that make it impossible...
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